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Card Payment Module in PHP language

This module made to use as an example of implementation for online payment via Card in PHP

Generic Payment Request/Response Flow

The user will be redirected from the Merchant's website to NETOPIA Payments server together with a payment request. Based on the merchant account settings in NETOPIA's platform, various payment input methods might be displayed (e.g. Google Pay)

  • Payment request

    You need to send Payment request to NETOPIA Payments by using POST Method including 2 variable env_key and data
    • env_key : envelope key payment encryption
    • data : encrypted data (see the openssl_seal function in PHP)

Where to send the Request

Payment Request Structure

In order to send the payment request to NETOPIA Payments , you need to encrypt the payment data on POST method and encapsulate the information using the following structure.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <order type="card" id="string64" timestamp="YYYYmmddHHiiss">
        <invoice currency="RON" amount="XX.YY" installments=”R1,R2”
        selected_installments=”R2” customer_type=”2”
        customer_id=”internal_id” token_id=”token_identifier”
                Payment Details
                <billing type="company|person">
  • Confirm URL

    The confirm URL will be used for IPN (Instant Payment Notification) - i.e. to send information about the transaction's status.
  • Redirect URL

    The redirect URL will be used to redirect User/Customer back to the Merchant's website from NETOPIA Payments (from the payment page, after the payment is done)

Payment Response Structure

The response from NETOPIA Payments to your confirm URL will be in following structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<order type="card" id="string64" timestamp="YYYYMMDDHHMMSS">
    <mobilpay timestamp="YYYYMMDDHHMMSS" crc="XXXXX">
        <customer type="person|company">
        <token_expiration_date>YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS</token_expiration_date>
        <error code="N">error_message</error>

Merchant's Response

For each call to your confirm URL, the Merchant will need to respond in XML format back to NETOPIA Payments, in order to help us understand whether you have successfully recorded the response or not.

For debugging purposes, you may view your response in mobilPay console (Order – Details – Merchant Communication Log)

The following annotated description of the XML response structure shows the elements sent by you to the NETOPIA Payments API.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<crc error_type=”1|2” error_code=”{numeric}”>{message}</crc>

The attributes of the crc element are only sent if you had any problem recording the IPN.

  • error_type

    • set error_type to "1", if there is a temporary error (this means that a retry mechanism will be activated and the IPN will be attempted again later on)
    • set error_type to "2", if there is a permanent error
  • error_code

    This is your internal error code. If error_code is 0, then everything went fine on your end. Otherwise, based on error_type, there might be one or more retries (up to 20)

  • message

    Your message, to helping you find the error.


The messages exchanged with NETOPIA Payments are protected to ensure that only authorized requests are done.

There are three levels of security:

  1. Request authentication using an API Signature included in the request (Signature field)

  2. The data exchanged between the client → NETOPIA Payments server and back is encrypted using RSA keys

  3. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data transport for the request, optional, if available on the merchant side, for the response.

NETOPIA Payments API service is supporting the 3-D Secure transactions (both v1 and v2)


Error Code Values

0 – approved
16 – card has a risk (e.g. stolen card)
17 – card number is incorrect
18 – closed card
19 – card is expired
20 – insufficient funds
21 – cVV2 code incorrect
22 – issuer is unavailable
32 – amount is incorrect
33 – currency is incorrect
34 – transaction not permitted to cardholder
35 – transaction declined
36 – transaction rejected by antifraud filters
37 – transaction declined (breaking the law)
38 – transaction declined
48 – invalid request
49 – duplicate PREAUTH
50 – duplicate AUTH
51 – you can only CANCEL a preauth order
52 – you can only CONFIRM a preauth order
53 – you can only CREDIT a confirmed order
54 – credit amount is higher than auth amount
55 – capture amount is higher than preauth amount
56 – duplicate request
99 – generic error


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