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Objective-C C Ruby C++
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Interface to Cocoa on mruby. it's based on Objective-C Runtime and mruby-cfunc.

Build status

Build Status

First step

make test

Current status

  • define class
  • define instance method
  • define class method
  • access to instance variables
  • declare instance variables
  • define protocol
  • define protocol - parent protocols
  • define protocol - instance method
  • define protocol - class method
  • adopt protocol
  • handle exception
  • research NSCopying

  • pending -- declare/use property


Don't support property access

mruby-cocoa don't support @property access.

Objective-C Runtime has propert access. Objective-C Runtime can't access properties that's defined in Category Class.

I found similar problem in stackoverflow.

I can make Class properties list by static analytics using clang. It's same way with BridgeSupport. Can somebody help me?


  • test! test! test!
  • rewrite memory management
  • examples
  • documents


Feel free to open tickets or send pull requests with improvements. Thanks in advance for your help!


Original Authors "MobiRuby developers" are


See Copyright Notice in cocoa.h.

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