[DEPRECATED] A fast block-based alert and HUD library with a simple API.
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MBAlertView is a fast block-based alert and HUD library with a simple API.


  • Nested alerts and HUDs
  • Block based
  • Images
  • Nice animations
  • Doesn't use any PNG files. Everything is drawn with code.


Alerts: Flat

MBFlatAlertView *alert = [MBFlatAlertView alertWithTitle:@"Special Instructions" detailText:@"Are you sure?" cancelTitle:@"Cancel" cancelBlock:nil];
[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"Hello" type:MBFlatAlertButtonTypeBold action:^{}];
[alert addToDisplayQueue];

Alerts: Classic

MBAlertView *alert = [MBAlertView alertWithBody:@"Are you sure you want to delete this note? You cannot undo this." cancelTitle:@"Cancel" cancelBlock:nil];
[alert addButtonWithText:@"Delete" type:MBAlertViewItemTypeDestructive block:^{}];
[alert addToDisplayQueue];


[MBHUDView hudWithBody:@"Wait." type:MBAlertViewHUDTypeActivityIndicator hidesAfter:4.0 show:YES];

You can see more in the easy to follow demo.


Bitar @bitario


MBAlertView is available under the MIT license.