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JIRA to Matrix bot
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JIRA to Matrix bot

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A bot (web-service) which:

  • listens to JIRA Webhooks and sends some stuff to Matrix;
  • use command from Matrix Riot to integrate with Jira and make different actions.

What does this Bot do?

  • Creates a room for every new issue;
  • Invites new participants to the room;
  • Posts any issue updates to the room;
  • Appropriately renames the room if the issue was moved to another project;
  • Post new links to related rooms. Notifies when a related issue's status changes;
  • Talks in English or Russian only (easily extendible, see src/locales).



Quick start

  1. Clone repo.
  2. Enter root directory with package.json and run npm install.
  3. Create file config.js using this example.
  4. Be sure that Redis, Jira and Matrix works correct.
  5. If you want your logs to be writen in file check directory in logs exists. All logs, even webhooks bodies will be there.
  6. Run npm run start.
  7. When you see well connected in logs you can create some example issue in Jira. If all is OK you have to be invited in room with such name in your Matrix client!

Work process description

You can use one or several. If you use several bots - distribute rooms between them. Add bots to config:

 // Matrix params
    messenger: {
        // users with admin status
        admins: ['admin'],
        // messenger name
        name: 'matrix',
        // messenger domain
        domain: '',
        // short name, before colomn, without @
        user: 'jira_bot',
        // password
        password: 'key',
        bots: [
                user: 'jira_bot2',
                password: 'key',
                user: 'jira_bot3',
                password: 'key',

Bots start asynchronously together, but queue processing starts after all bots start. Time of starting depence of count room.

Logs after starting all bots:

well connected
2019-11-20 09:49:58.520	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		messenger-api
Matrix bot jira_bot was connected on 1 min 12 sec
2019-11-20 09:49:58.522	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		/fsm/index.js
well connected
2019-11-20 10:05:48.267	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		messenger-api
Matrix bot jira_bot_2 was connected on 17 min 2 sec
2019-11-20 10:05:48.272	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		/fsm/index.js
well connected
2019-11-20 10:11:09.108	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		messenger-api
Matrix bot jira_bot_3 was connected on 22 min 23 sec
2019-11-20 10:11:09.109	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		/fsm/index.js
All matrix bots were connected on 22 min 23 sec
2019-11-20 10:11:09.111	matrix-bots 		fluentd 		/fsm/index.js
All chat bot are connected!!!

After starting bot listen to all Jira webhooks.

It means that all actions in your Jira server will be followed with webhooks. Its body we parse and save to Redis and if user is not ignored or issue is not private (it's very important for next gen Jira in cloud).

If user is ignored or issue is private we can log:

username: <name>, creator: <creator>, ignoreStatus: true
timestamp: <timestamp>, webhookEvent: <webhook_event>, issueName: <issue_name>, ignoreStatus: true

ignoreStatus: true is set depending on:

  1. Hook type. Processing only: issue, issuelink, project, comment. Over types will be ignored.
  2. Task type, settings from redis (set admin project, command !ignore).
  3. Users ignore (section in config usersToIgnore and testMode.users). Use for dev mode.

Redis data is handled:

  1. After starting Bot Redis.
  2. After saving data in Redis.
  3. Every 15 min if data is still in redis and something was wrong in last attempt.

After succedded handling Redis records you can see logs with every key and result of handling:

Result of handling redis key <redisKey> --- <true/false>

If handling is succedded data will be removed, if staus is false it will be in Redis and next time will be handled again. It lets us to prevent some problems with connections to matrix for example.

Matrix commands

Work with Riot is based on input command in room with Bot. List of available commands:

Command Description
!help show all commands with description
!comment create comment in issue
!assign <user name or id> assign issue to choosen user
!move list all available statuses of issue to move
!move <status id>/<status name> move status of issue
!spec <user name or id> add watcher to issue
!prio list all available priorities of issue
!prio <index of priority>/<index of priority> change priority of issue
(admins only) !op <user name or id> gives admin status to user
(admins only) !invite <room name>/<room id> invite user to room with such issue name or matrix room id
(admins only) !ignore [add` `del] typeTask
!create <task type> "Name for issue" Create new issue in Jira and create link with current issue

All commands are available only in rooms with Bot and that compares with Jira. Get all commands and their rules to use in Riot you can get with first command - !help. If you use command not correct you will get message:

Command <command name> not found

If your command is correct you will see message with info about it.

More info about all commands you can get here

Matrix client

To work with Riot we use SDK Matrix. Starting bot connect to matrix domain from config as user like @${config.matrix.user}:${config.matrix.domain}. After succedded connection you will see in logs:

createClient OK BaseUrl: https://<domain>, userId: @<user_name>:<domain>
Started connect to chatApi
Got push rules
well connected

If something is wrong in connection you will get error:

createClient error. BaseUrl: ${baseUrl}, userId: ${userId}

When Bot is stopped:

Disconnected from Matrix

Redis records structure

To be sure that no data is lost we use Redis to save parsed webhooks. Prefix in Redis which all data is saved is in config as redis.prefix.

Structure of records:

  • redis.key
  • redis.value
    funcName: <function_handler>,
    data: <parsed webhook data>,

Install Linux CentOS service with systemd

  • Give ownership of directory installed jira-to-matrix to dedicated user (for security issues)
  • Modify file jira-to-matrix.service with your configuration
  • Copy file jira-to-matrix.service to /etc/systemd/system/ and enable it
  • Enable tcp-connection with firewalld from Jira webhook. Enable tcp listener with SELinux
# Add user jira-matrix-bot without homedirectory and deny system login
$ sudo useradd -M useradd -M jira-matrix-bot
$ sudo usermod -L jira-matrix-bot

# Change directory owner to new created user
$ sudo chown -R jira-matrix-bot: /path/to/jira-to-matrix

# Modify service config
$ vi /path/to/jira-to-matrix/jira-to-matrix.service
# change User, WorkingDirectory, ExecStart

# Copy service definition to systemd directory
$ sudo cp /path/to/jira-to-matrix/jira-to-matrix.servce /etc/systemd/system

# Enable connections to bot with Jira webhook (tcp port 4100, see your config.js)
$ sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=4100/tcp --permanent

# Add permissions for SELinux (tcp port 4100, see your config.js)
$ sudo semanage port -a -t http_port_t -p tcp 4100

# Enable service to run at startup
$ sudo systemctl enable jira-to-matrix

# Start service
$ sudo systemctl start jira-to-matrix

Additional docs

More information is here


The project is in a rough shape and under active development. Fixed It is successfully deployed in a medium-size company.

Developed with Node 8.1. Probably will work on any version having async/await.

Russian README

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