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Module that provides tracking of links eg sent in emails in Silverstripe
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This module adds the ability to track link usage. It works by taking a destination URL, 
saving it in the database, and returning a hash slug that identifies it. You then 
distribute the hash slug URL via email or on the net, etc. Every time someone accesses
the hash slug URL they will be recorded, then redirected to the original destination.

This module was developed for monitoring email campaigns, but it is my hope that it is
generic enough for any usage where people are interested in what links are being used.

	- Generate short URL for any link in the form
	- Link can either redirect, or pass through content (useful for tracking image downloads)
	- Links can have a specified source - eg 'web', 'twitter', or a DataObject such as Member
	- Observer decorator can allow a DataObject to track hits over multiple sources and/or URLs
	- Content parser uses PHP::DOM to extract URLs out of HTML and replace them with tracked links

Maintainer Contact
Al Twohill (mobiusnz)
<(firstname) (at) hol (dot) net (dot) nz>

SilverStripe 2.4+
(May work on older versions, has not been tested on any previous to this)

Installation Instructions
1. Extract the linktracking folder into the to level of your site.
2. (Optional) add 
		Object::add_extension('YourDataObject', 'Observer');
	to your /mysite/_config.php. Replace 'YourDataObject' with whatever object might
	need to observer link hits. You may specify more than one by calling add_extension()
	multiple times.
3. Visit to rebuild the database.

Usage Instructions

The reporting features are only documented in the code at this stage (work in progress).

However, for the most simple usage, use the ModelAdmin page included to generate links, 
and view hits.
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