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Octopress Changelog


  • Now based on mojombo/jekyll
  • Sports a semantic HTML5 template
  • Easy theming with Compass and Sass
  • A Mobile friendly responsive (320 and up) layout
  • Built in 3rd party support for Twitter, Google Plus One, Disqus Comments, Pinboard, Delicious, and Google Analytics
  • Deploy to Github pages or use Rsync
  • Built in support for POW and Rack servers
  • Beautiful Solarized syntax highlighting
  • Super easy setup and configuration

New Plugins, Filters, & Generators

  • Gist Tag for easily embedding gists in your posts
  • Pygments Cache makes subsequent compiling much faster
  • Include Code Tag lets you embed external code snippets from your file system and adds a download link
  • Pullquote Tag Generate beautiful semantic pullquotes (no double data) based on Maykel Loomans's technique
  • Blockquote Tag makes it easy to semantically format blockquotes
  • Category Generator gives you archive pages for each category
  • Sitemap.xml Generator for search engines


  • No longer supported.
  • Jekyll Matured, but Henrik's Jekyll fork did not.
  • Thanks for all your pull requests, I learned a lot.
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