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Domain-specific language for mobile (web) applications. This repository contains the compiler sources and Eclipse project.
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logo.png Logo
logo.svg Initial implementation of web service support. Example in stack.mobl.
moblc Added -O option to command-line compiler.
peerserver.js Added global variable support.
plugin.xml Last fixes before 0.4.0 release.
questions.mobl Bug fixes, completions. New semantics of style variables, the first wins
release.nix update test.install eclipse version
taskicon.png There's the icon
tasks.mobl Fixes


mobl is a language designed specifically to build web applications for mobile touch devices. It provides high-level language constructs and great IDE support.

To build

To build the mobl compiler you will need a recent version of Eclipse (3.5+) and Spoofax. When those are installed, simply clone the mobl repository and import it into Eclipse, then build the project (Ctrl+Alt+b or Ctrl+Cmd+b).

To clone the repository:

git clone git://
cd mobl
git submodule init
git submodule update

To use plug-in

You can easily install the plug-in from the update site. But to keep up-to-date with the latest developments you will have to build it yourself.

For the latest unstable version, use: as update site.

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