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The sxs notebooks

This repository collects a few notebooks illustrating how to use the sxs python package. The full documentation is found here.

Click the "binder" link above to run them in a live python session hosted on the web. Once the binder session opens, you'll probably want to proceed through the notebooks in numerical order. Note that binder has a 2GB memory limit, so you'll have to shut down each notebook after you're done with it by going to the "File" menu and clicking "Close and Halt".

Alternatively, you can install the sxs package on your own computer following the instructions here, then download this repo, cd into the directory of this repo, and open the notebooks with jupyter notebook ..

My presentation of this material in a workshop at Brown University's ICERM can be viewed here, or you can just view the presentation slides on binder by opening "presentation.ipynb" and pressing the bar chart button.


Notebooks illustrating how to use the sxs python package




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