Tools for x2x using Raspbian on Raspberry Pi
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X2x Tools using Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

You can set what the remote Raspberry Pi computer boots to, and start x2x. X2x is similar to a KVM-switch, but with several screens and copy and paste between screens. You select active computer by moving the mouse-pointer to its screen.

There is a blog post in Swedish (på svenska) about x2x:


These scripts assume the left computer has the mouse and keyboard connected. But this can be changed in the scripts on the computer with keyboard by changing east to west, north, or south.
On both computers do:
git clone

The computers must be connected via network with port 22 for SSH open.

Boot to X-Windows on remote Raspberry Pi and start x2x

~/x2x/ raspberrypi2

Start x2x if X-Windows already runs on remote computer

~/x2x/ raspberrypi2

Boot to Linux Console on remote Raspberry Pi

~/x2x/ raspberrypi2