This Magento extension adds support for the Track & Trace service offered by the Swiss Post (Die Post AG).
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MobWeb_SwissPostTracking extension for Magento

This extension adds support for the Track & Trace service offered by the Swiss Post (Die Post AG).

After installing the extension, a new carrier will be available in the dropdown when adding tracking information to a shipment. When you select this carrier and add your Track & Trace tracking number provided by the Swiss Post, this tracking number will be linked directly to the Swiss Post's tracking interface.

This link will be available in the shipment confirmation email sent to your customer (if enabled) as well as in the tracking popup that is opened when the customer clicks "Track this shipment" in the order overview in his "My Account" area.

Please note that this extension does not add any additional features such as shipping estimation or some kind of direct interface with the Swiss Post's shipping services. It only adds a convenient link to your Track & Trace tracking numbers, so the customer won't have to manually enter these numbers on the Swiss Post website.


Install using colinmollenhour/modman.

If you are using a custom design theme, you will have to copy the email/order/shipment/track.phtml template to your custom design theme's template folder.

Questions? Need help?

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