A collection of simple mobx examples
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A collection of simple mobx examples. All the examples below have been written in ES5 without JSX. No transpiling required. Please feel free to make any suggestions for improvement.

Baseline JSFiddle Includes: React, lodash, mobx, mobxReact, and mobxDevtools.

Baseline JSFiddle with decorators Includes: React, mobx, mobxReact. Thanks @spion!

MobX stand-alone examples

Please note that I have created a console.log override that prints the console.logs out to the results window on JSFiddle.

Creating Observables


Computed Values

  • computed
    Note how the computed fullName is cached.


  • action
    Non-strict action usage. You may still set values outside of the actions.

  • action strict mode
    Strict action usage. OPEN YOUR CONSOLE. You should see an error where I try to set firstName directly. Note how easy it is to see the cause in the stack.


React + MobX examples