TodoMVC reference implementation on top of react-mobx-boilerplate
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React + MobX TodoMVC Example

This repository provides a reference implementation of the TodoMVC application written using MobX, React JSX and ES6.

Running the example

npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3000

The example requires node 4.0 or higher


Changing the example

If you are new to MobX, take a look at the ten minutes, interactive introduction to MobX and React. MobX provides a refreshing way to manage your app state by combining mutable data structures with transparent reactive programming.

The state and actions of this app are defined in two stores; todoModel and viewModel. This is not necessary but it provides a nice separation of concerns between data that effects the domain of the application and data that affects the user interface of the application. This is a useful distinction for testing, reuse in backend services etc.

The project uses hot-reloading so most changes made to the app will be picked automatically. By default the mobx-react-devtools are enabled as well. During each rendering a small render report is printed on all updated components. The dev-tools can be disabled by commenting the import statement in src/index.js.