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MobX-React Changelog


  • Fixed some additional issues around life-cycle patching, take 3. See #536 by @xaviergonz. Fixed #579



  • Fixed unending recursing as a result of lifecylce patching. Fixes #579 through #582 by @xaviergonz


  • Fixed Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined exception if disposeOnUnmount was called conditionally. #578 by Jef Hellemans


5.3.0 / 5.3.1

5.3.0 was retracted as files were not generated correctly during publish

  • Added disposeOnUnmount utility / decorator to call disposable properties (reaction, autorun, etc) automatically on componentWillUnmount
  • Introduced new method to patch lifecycle methods which should be more compatible with for example arrow functions.


  • Make sure mobx-react doesn't require Object.assign polyfill


  • Fixed issue where React 16.5 printed a warning when using Provider, fixes #545


  • Fixed bug in defining properties (although the bug had no known observable effect). Fixes #540

5.2.4 / 5.2.5



  • Polyfill Symbol if it doesn't exist. By @Strate through #499.


  • Component props and state properties are now made observable during the instance creation. This restores the behavior from before 5.1.0 where props and state could safely be observed during mount. Actually it is now possible to do similar things in constructors as well. Fixes #478. Thanks @Strate for the idea and PR! #496.


  • Added backward compatible support for MobX 5.
  • Fixed components sometimes being displayed as undefined in mobx-devtools. See #470 by @MauricioAndrades
  • Removed unnecessary warning @observer was used both on a sub and super class. See #492 by @skiritsis. N.B. putting @observer on a super and subclass is still not an supported pattern, use @observer on subclasses only!


  • Fixed regression bug in integration with devtools. Fixed through #465 by @le0nik


  • Added support for React 16.3, including support for the getDerivedStateFromProps life-cycle hook. MobX will no longer use componentWillMount hook internally, so that it can be used in StrictMode react as well. Fixes #447
  • Static properties of a function component are now automatically hoisted when the component is wrapped by observer. Implements #427
  • Misspelled export componentByNodeRegistery is now properly export as componentByNodeRegistry as well, please update consumers, the mispelled version will be dropped in the next major. Fixes #421
  • Deprecated the support for the inject property on Observer, it is fundamentally broken and should not be used. Use inject on the enclosing component instead and grab the necessary stores from the closure. Fixes #423
  • Added warning about using observer on a React.PureComponent, this will become an exception in the next major. Fixes #309
  • Mobx-react will now print a warning when combining observer with a custom shouldComponentUpdate implementation. Fixes #417


  • Added compatibility with MobX 4.x. This version is not compatible with older Mobx versions


  • The exposed React Native build now uses commonjs, to prevent the need of further transpilation. Fixes #428


  • Fixed issue with mobx-react not compiling on react-native due to the presence of a .babelrc file. Fixes #415 by Ryan Rampersad through #416


  • Fixed syntax error in 4.4.0 that escaped


  • Observer now supports render props, render and inject. See the updated readme. By ZiYingMai through #403
  • Fixed: NaN is now considered to be equal to NaN when doing reconciliation. Fixes #363, by Andrew Branch through #402
  • Improved typings of Observer component, by Rafał Filipek through #376
  • Fixed incorrect generation of component name, by Andy Kogut through #368
  • Lot of internal repo upgrades: Test suite is now in Jest, Prettier is used etc.


Fixed some issues with the typescript typings. See for example #353


Improved typescript typings, including support for strict mode in TS 2.6. Fixes


Added support for React 16. (No changes)


Killed accidentally exposed default exports.

If you are still using import mobxReact from "mobx-react", use import * as mobxReact from "mobx-react", or better import { whatYouNeed } from "mobx-react" instead.


4.3.0 (unpublished)

Improved module rollup setup, enabling better tree shaking. See #324 / #328


  • Fixed check for stateless components, by @leader22, see #280


Note: Due to pull / rebase issue the release commit is incorrect. This is the released commit

  • Reduced module size by 31% (switched to rollup.js). See #244 by @rossipedia
  • Skip creation of .wrappedInstance reference for stateless components. See #254 by @farwayer
  • Introduced global onError handler hook to be notified on errors thrown by @observer components. See #262 by @andykog
  • Improved typescript typings of the exposed propTypes, See #263 by @panjiesw


  • Same as 4.2.1, but contained build issue and is unpublished


  • Undid change introduced in 4.1.4 where the lifecycle hooks were protected, as this breaks react-hot-loader.... Fixes #231


  • Added support for React 15.5 (no deprecation warnings) and 16.0 (no proptypes / createClass), by @andykog, see #238. Fixes #233, #237


  • Improved typescript typings, fixes #223


  • Made lifecycle hooks used by mobx-react read-only to make sure they are not accidentally overwritten in component instances. Fixes, #195, #202. Note that they can still be defined, just make sure to define them on the prototype (componentWillMount() {}) instead of the instance (componentWillMount = () => {}). Which is best practice anyway.


  • Fixed ReactDOM.findDOMNode exception when using react-test-runner, #216


  • Exceptions caught during render are now rethrown with proper stack, fixes #206


  • Exposed wrappedInstance and wrappedComponent in typings
  • Fixed accidental use of default import from mobx package.


  • Added support for MobX3. Note that using MobX3 changes the error semantics. If an observer component throws, it will no longer crash the app, but just log the exceptions instead.


  • Introduced suppressChangedStoreWarning to optionally supresss change store warnings, by @dropfen, see #182, #183


  • Fixed issue where userland componentWilMount was run before observer componentWillMount


  • Fixed order of inject overloads, see #169
  • Fixed import of mobx when using Webpack without commonjs plugin, see: #168


  • Improved typings, by @timmolendijk, fixes #164, #166
  • Fixed inject signature in readme, by @farwayer


observer now uses shallow comparision for all props (Breaking change)

observer used to compare all properties shallow in the built-in shouldComponentUpdate, except when it received non-observable data structures. Because mobx-react cannot know whether a non observable has been deeply modified, it took no chances and just re-renders.

However, the downside of this when an unchanged, non-observable object is passed in to an observer component again, it would still cause a re-render. Objects such as styling etc. To fix this mobx-react will now always compare all properties in a pure manner. In general this should cause no trouble, as typically mutable data in mobx based objects is captured in observable objects, which will still cause components to re-render if needed.

If you need to pass in a deeply modified object and still want to make sure to cause a re-render, either

  • make sure the object / array is an observable
  • do not decorate your component with observer, but use Observer regions instead (see below)

See #160 for more details.

inject(fn)(component) will now track fn as well

inject(func) is now reactive as well, that means that transformations in the selector function will be tracked, see #111

const NameDisplayer = ({ name }) => <h1>{name}</h1>

const UserNameDisplayer = inject(stores => ({

const user = mobx.observable({
    name: "Noa"

const App = () => (
    <Provider userStore={user}>
        <UserNameDisplayer />

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.body)

N.B. note that in this specific case NameDisplayer doesn't have to be an observer, as it doesn't receive observables, but just plain data from the transformer function.

this.props and this.state in React components are now observables as well

A common cause of confusion were cases like:

@observer class MyComponent() {
    @computed upperCaseName() {

    render() {
        return <h1>{this.upperCaseName}</h1>

This component would re-render if was modified, but it would still render the previous user's name if a complete new user was received! The reason for that is that in the above example the only observable tracked by the computed value is, but not this.props.user. So a change to the first would be picked up, but a change in props itself, assigning a new user, not.

Although this is technically correct, it was a source of confusion. For that reason this.state and this.props are now automatically converted to observables in any observer based react component. For more details, see #136 by @Strate

Better support for Server Side Rendering

Introduced useStaticRendering(boolean) to better support server-side rendering scenarios. See #140

Introduced Observer as alternative syntax to the observer decorator.

This feature is still experimental and might change in the next minor release, or be deprecated

Introduced Observer. Can be used as alternative to the observer decorator. Marks a component region as reactive. See the Readme / #138 Example:

const UserNameDisplayer = ({ user }) => <Observer>{() => <div>{}</div>}</Observer>

Using observer to inject stores is deprecated

The fact that observer could inject stores as well caused quite some confusion. Because in some cases observer would return the original component (when not inject), but it would return a HoC when injecting. To make this more consistent, you should always use inject to inject stores into a component. So use:

@inject("store1", "store2") @observer
class MyComponent extends React.Component {


const MyComponent = inject("store1", "store2")(observer(props => rendering))

For more info see the related discussion

Other improvements

  • If mobx and mobx-react are used in combination, all reactions are run as part of React's batched updates. This minimizes the work of the reconciler, guarantees optimal rendering order of components (if the rendering was not triggered from within a React event). Tnx @gkaemmer for the suggestion.
  • It is now possible to directly define propTypes and defaultProps on components wrapped with inject (or observer(["stores"])) again, see #120, #142. Removed the warnings for this, and instead improved the docs.
  • Clean up data subscriptions if an error is thrown by an observer component, see #134 by @andykog
  • export PropTypes as well in typescript typings, fixes #153
  • Add react as a peer dependency
  • Added minified browser build: index.min.js, fixes #147
  • Generate better component names when using inject


  • Print warning when inject and observer are used in the wrong order, see #146, by @delaetthomas


  • Fixed issue where props where not passed properly to components in very rare cases. Also fixed #115


  • Bundles are no longer minified, fixes #127


  • Export propTypes as PropTypes, like React (@andykog, ##117)


  • Removed experimental status of inject / Provider. Official feature now.
  • Fixed hot-reloading issue, #101


  • Introduced wrappedInstance by @rossipedia on inject decorated HOC's, see
  • print warnings when assign values to propTypes, defaultProps, or contextTypes of a HOC. (by @jtraub, see
  • Static properties are now hoisted to HoC components when, #92
  • If inject is used incombination with a function, the object return from the function will now be merged into the nextProps instead of replacing them, #80
  • Always do propType checking untracked, partially fixes #56, #305


  • Fixed error Cannot read property 'renderReporter' of undefined (#96)


  • Added propTypes.observableArrayOf and propTypes.arrayOrObservableArrayOf (#91)


  • Fixed regression #85, changes caused by the constructor results in inconsistent rendering (N.B.: that is un-idiomatic React usage and React will warn about this!)


  • Introduced inject("store1", "store2")(component) as alternative syntax to inject stores. Should address #77, #70
  • Introduced the wrappedComponent property on injected higher order components, addresses #70, #72
  • Fixed #76: error when no stores are provided through context
  • Added typings for devTools related features (@benjamingr).
  • Added MobX specific propTypes (@mattruby)
  • Merged #44, fixes #73: don't re-render if component was somehow unmounted


  • Introduced Provider / context support (#53 / MobX #300)
  • Fixed issues when using devtools with IE. #66 (By @pvasek)


  • Added typescript typings form mobx-react/native and mobx-react/custom
  • Fixed #63: error when using stateless function components when using babel and typescript


  • Upgraded to MobX 2.2.0


  • Added support for react-native 0.25 and higher. By @danieldunderfelt.


  • Added support for custom renderers (without DOM), use: mobx-react/custom as import fixes #42
  • Fixed some issues with rollup #43
  • Minor optimization


Introduced componentWillReact


The debug name stateless function components of babel transpiled jsx are now properly picked up if the wrapper is applied after defining the component:

const MyComponent = () => <span>hi</span>

export default observer(MyComponent)


Removed peer dependencies, React 15 (and 0.13) are supported as well. By @bkniffler


Removed the warning introduced in 3.0.1. It triggered always when using shallow rendering (when using shallow rendering componentDidMount won't fire. See


Added warning when changing state in getInitialState / constructor.


Upgraded to MobX 2.0.0


Improved typescript typings overloads of observer


Added empty 'dependencies' section to package.json, fixes #26


Added support for context to stateless components. (by Kosta-Github).


Fixed #12: fixed React warning when a component was unmounted after scheduling a re-render but before executing it.


Upped dependency of mobx to 1.1.1.


It is now possible to define propTypes and getDefaultProps on a stateless component:

const myComponent = props => {
    // render

myComponent.propTypes = {
    name: React.PropTypes.string

myComponent.defaultProps = {
    name: "World"

export default observer(myComponent)

All credits to Jiri Spac for this contribution!


Use React 0.14 instead of React 0.13. For React 0.13, use version mobx-react@1.0.2 or higher.


Minor fixes and improvements


Fixed issue with typescript typings. An example project with MobX, React, Typescript, TSX can be found here:


reactiveComponent has been renamed to observer


Added separte import for react-native: use var reactiveComponent = require('mobx-react/native').reactiveComponent for native support; webpack clients will refuse to build otherwise.


Added react-native as dependency, so that the package works with either react or react-native.


Upgraded to MobX 0.7.0


Fixed issue where Babel generated component classes where not properly picked up.


observer now accepts a pure render function as argument, besides constructor function. For example:

var TodoItem = observer(function TodoItem(props) {
    var todo = props.todo
    return <li>{todo.task}</li>


observer is now defined in terms of side effects.


Added support for React 0.14(RC) by dropping peer dependency