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# 3.1.0

** Improved strict mode **
### Improved strict mode

Strict mode has been relaxed a bit in this release. Also computed values can now better handle creating new observables (in an action if needed). The semantics are now as follows:

@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ Note that the following constructions are still anti patterns, although MobX won
Note that observables that are not in use by a reaction, but that have `.observe` listeners attached, do *not* count towards being observed.
Observe and intercept callbacks are concepts that do not relate to strict mode, actions or transactions.

** Other changes
### Other changes

* Reactions and observable values now consider `NaN === NaN`, See #805 by @andykog
* Merged #783: extract error messages to seperate file, so that they can be optimized in production builds (not yet done), by @reisel, #GoodnessSquad

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