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// +build linux
package apparmor // import ""
// baseTemplate defines the default apparmor profile for containers.
const baseTemplate = `
{{range $value := .Imports}}
profile {{.Name}} flags=(attach_disconnected,mediate_deleted) {
{{range $value := .InnerImports}}
{{if ge .Version 208096}}
{{/* Allow 'docker kill' to actually send signals to container processes. */}}
signal (receive) peer={{.DaemonProfile}},
{{/* Allow container processes to send signals amongst themselves. */}}
signal (send,receive) peer={{.Name}},
deny @{PROC}/* w, # deny write for all files directly in /proc (not in a subdir)
# deny write to files not in /proc/<number>/** or /proc/sys/**
deny @{PROC}/{[^1-9],[^1-9][^0-9],[^1-9s][^0-9y][^0-9s],[^1-9][^0-9][^0-9][^0-9]*}/** w,
deny @{PROC}/sys/[^k]** w, # deny /proc/sys except /proc/sys/k* (effectively /proc/sys/kernel)
deny @{PROC}/sys/kernel/{?,??,[^s][^h][^m]**} w, # deny everything except shm* in /proc/sys/kernel/
deny @{PROC}/sysrq-trigger rwklx,
deny @{PROC}/kcore rwklx,
deny mount,
deny /sys/[^f]*/** wklx,
deny /sys/f[^s]*/** wklx,
deny /sys/fs/[^c]*/** wklx,
deny /sys/fs/c[^g]*/** wklx,
deny /sys/fs/cg[^r]*/** wklx,
deny /sys/firmware/** rwklx,
deny /sys/kernel/security/** rwklx,
{{if ge .Version 208095}}
# suppress ptrace denials when using 'docker ps' or using 'ps' inside a container
ptrace (trace,read) peer={{.Name}},