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Remove yaml docs generator and man pages

Signed-off-by: Daniel Nephin <>
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dnephin committed Jun 20, 2017
1 parent 96e61f3 commit 2b45ec7f786bc91d6db42bd33c13e28a06d30aa3
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  1. +0 −9 Makefile
  2. +0 −12 hack/make/yaml-docs-generator
@@ -134,12 +134,6 @@ init-go-pkg-cache:
install: ## install the linux binaries
KEEPBUNDLE=1 hack/ install-binary

manpages: ## Generate man pages from go source and markdown
docker build ${DOCKER_BUILD_ARGS} -t docker-manpage-dev -f "man/$(DOCKERFILE)" ./man
docker run --rm \
-v $(PWD):/go/src/ \

rpm: build ## build the rpm packages
$(DOCKER_RUN_DOCKER) hack/ dynbinary build-rpm

@@ -149,9 +143,6 @@ run: build ## run the docker daemon in a container
shell: build ## start a shell inside the build env

yaml-docs-gen: build ## generate documentation YAML files consumed by docs repo
$(DOCKER_RUN_DOCKER) sh -c 'hack/ yaml-docs-generator && ( root=$$(pwd); cd bundles/latest/yaml-docs-generator; mkdir docs; ./yaml-docs-generator --root $${root} --target $$(pwd)/docs )'

test: build ## run the unit, integration and docker-py tests
$(DOCKER_RUN_DOCKER) hack/ dynbinary cross test-unit test-integration-cli test-docker-py

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