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Separation of concerns in CLI #8594

errordeveloper opened this Issue Oct 15, 2014 · 5 comments


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commented Oct 15, 2014

Current state

    attach    Attach to a running container
    build     Build an image from a Dockerfile
    commit    Create a new image from a container's changes
    cp        Copy files/folders from a container's filesystem to the host path
    diff      Inspect changes on a container's filesystem
    events    Get real time events from the server
    export    Stream the contents of a container as a tar archive
    history   Show the history of an image
    images    List images
    import    Create a new filesystem image from the contents of a tarball
    info      Display system-wide information
    inspect   Return low-level information on a container
    kill      Kill a running container
    load      Load an image from a tar archive
    login     Register or log in to a Docker registry server
    logout    Log out from a Docker registry server
    logs      Fetch the logs of a container
    port      Lookup the public-facing port that is NAT-ed to PRIVATE_PORT
    pause     Pause all processes within a container
    ps        List containers
    pull      Pull an image or a repository from a Docker registry server
    push      Push an image or a repository to a Docker registry server
    restart   Restart a running container
    rm        Remove one or more containers
    rmi       Remove one or more images
    run       Run a command in a new container
    save      Save an image to a tar archive
    search    Search for an image on the Docker Hub
    start     Start a stopped container
    stop      Stop a running container
    tag       Tag an image into a repository
    top       Lookup the running processes of a container
    unpause   Unpause a paused container
    version   Show the Docker version information
    wait      Block until a container stops, then print its exit code


As the number of sub-commands grow, it's would great to introduce some separation of concerns here. I didn't attempt to redesign the entire thing, this only a starting point for the discussion with the current set of sub-commands being bucketed in a sensible way.

Separating these in the docker help output would be a start, but I'd rather wish to see something that eventually follows UNIX philosophy a little closer. I'm sure many will agree with me.

Container state management

  • wait
  • unpause
  • start
  • stop
  • save
  • ps
  • kill
  • run

Basic container image data management

  • save
  • load
  • rm

Container inspection tools

  • top
  • diff
  • logs
  • inspect
  • port

Local image management

  • export
  • import
  • images
  • history
  • rmi

Registry interaction

  • commit
  • push
  • pull
  • login
  • logout

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commented Oct 19, 2014

This imho is quite reasonable suggestion 👍 It would remove quite a lot of accidental command runs - at least in my case :-)

Apart from that, proliferation of command line option already available in main docker client is getting slightly ludicrous. This would at least nicely organize them into related command groups.


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commented Oct 19, 2014

👍 that should help on those occasions when I'm unsure if it's save or export.


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commented Oct 31, 2014

Related: we're splitting out a bunch of things into subcommands #8829


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commented Oct 31, 2014

Hm, looks like this issue is duplicated by #8756 and the active discussion is going on there.

Should this be closed to keep the discussion in a single place (even though this issue was frist)?


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commented Nov 3, 2014

yes, it is reasonable - though I do like #8829 too :)

closing in favour of #8756

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