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docs: add docs for build —target #33185

merged 2 commits into from May 15, 2017
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Just for now

@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ Options:
or `g` (gigabytes). If you omit the unit, the system uses bytes.
--squash Squash newly built layers into a single new layer (**Experimental Only**)
-t, --tag value Name and optionally a tag in the 'name:tag' format (default [])
--target string Set the target build stage to build.
--ulimit value Ulimit options (default [])

@@ -454,6 +455,24 @@ more `--add-host` flags. This example adds a static address for a host named

$ docker build --add-host=docker: .

### Specifying target build stage (--target)

When building a Dockerfile with multiple build stages, `--target` can be used to
specify an intermediate build stage by name as a final stage for the resulting
image. Commands after the target stage will be skipped.

FROM debian AS build-env
FROM alpine AS production-env

$ docker build -t mybuildimage --target build-env .

### Squash an image's layers (--squash) **Experimental Only**

#### Overview
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ docker-build - Build an image from a Dockerfile
**docker build**
@@ -31,6 +32,7 @@ docker-build - Build an image from a Dockerfile
PATH | URL | -

@@ -93,6 +95,9 @@ option can be set multiple times.
or for variable expansion in other Dockerfile instructions. This is not meant
for passing secret values. [Read more about the buildargs instruction](

Set image that will be used as a build cache source.

Always remove intermediate containers, even after unsuccessful builds. The default is *false*.

@@ -233,6 +238,9 @@ two memory nodes.
If the path is not absolute, the path is considered relative to the `cgroups` path of the init process.
Cgroups are created if they do not already exist.

Set the target build stage name.

Ulimit options

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