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@tiborvass tiborvass released this Apr 13, 2016 · 13951 commits to master since this release

Check out the blog post to read about the containerd integration and other highlights in this release.


Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where target removal dates can also
be found.

1.11.0 (2016-04-13)

IMPORTANT: With Docker 1.11, a Linux docker installation is now made of 4 binaries (docker, docker-containerd, docker-containerd-shim and docker-runc). If you have scripts relying on docker being a single static binaries, please make sure to update them. Interaction with the daemon stay the same otherwise, the usage of the other binaries should be transparent. A Windows docker installation remains a single binary, docker.exe.


  • Fix a bug where Docker would not used the correct uid/gid when processing the WORKDIR command (#21033)
  • Fix a bug where copy operations with userns would not use the proper uid/gid (#20782, #21162)


  • Usage of the : separator for security option has been deprecated. = should be used instead (#21232)
  • The client user agent is now passed to the registry on pull, build, push, login and search operations (#21306, #21373)
  • Allow setting the Domainname and Hostname separately through the API (#20200)
  • Docker info will now warn users if it can not detect the kernel version or the operating system (#21128)
  • Fix an issue where docker stats --no-stream output could be all 0s (#20803)
  • Fix a bug where some newly started container would not appear in a running docker stats command (#20792)
  • Post processing is no longer enabled for linux-cgo terminals (#20587)
  • Values to --hostname are now refused if they do not comply with RFC1123 (#20566)
  • Docker learned how to use a SOCKS proxy (#20366, #18373)
  • Docker now supports external credential stores (#20107)
  • docker ps now supports displaying the list of volumes mounted inside a container (#20017)
  • docker info now also report Docker's root directory location (#19986)
  • Docker now prohibits login in with an empty username (spaces are trimmed) (#19806)
  • Docker events attributes are now sorted by key (#19761)
  • docker ps no longer show exported port for stopped containers (#19483)
  • Docker now cleans after itself if a save/export command fails (#17849)
  • Docker load learned how to display a progress bar (#17329, #120078)


  • Fix a panic that occurred when pulling an images with 0 layers (#21222)
  • Fix a panic that could occur on error while pushing to a registry with a misconfigured token service (#21212)
  • All first-level delegation roles are now signed when doing a trusted push (#21046)
  • OAuth support for registries was added (#20970)
  • docker login now handles token using the implementation found in docker/distribution (#20832)
  • docker login will no longer prompt for an email (#20565)
  • Docker will now fallback to registry V1 if no basic auth credentials are available (#20241)
  • Docker will now try to resume layer download where it left off after a network error/timeout (#19840)
  • Fix generated manifest mediaType when pushing cross-repository (#19509)
  • Fix docker requesting additional push credentials when pulling an image if Content Trust is enabled (#20382)


  • Fix a race in the journald log driver (#21311)
  • Docker syslog driver now uses the RFC-5424 format when emitting logs (#20121)
  • Docker GELF log driver now allows to specify the compression algorithm and level via the gelf-compression-type and gelf-compression-level options (#19831)
  • Docker daemon learned to output uncolorized logs via the --raw-logs options (#19794)
  • Docker, on Windows platform, now includes an ETW (Event Tracing in Windows) logging driver named etwlogs (#19689)
  • Journald log driver learned how to handle tags (#19564)
  • The fluentd log driver learned the following options: fluentd-address, fluentd-buffer-limit, fluentd-retry-wait, fluentd-max-retries and fluentd-async-connect (#19439)
  • Docker learned to send log to Google Cloud via the new gcplogs logging driver. (#18766)


  • When saving linked images together with docker save a subsequent docker load will correctly restore their parent/child relationship (#21385)
  • Support for building the Docker cli for OpenBSD was added (#21325)
  • Labels can now be applied at network, volume and image creation (#21270)
  • The dockremap is now created as a system user (#21266)
  • Fix a few response body leaks (#21258)
  • Docker, when run as a service with systemd, will now properly manage its processes cgroups (#20633)
  • Docker info now reports the value of cgroup KernelMemory or emits a warning if it is not supported (#20863)
  • Docker info now also reports the cgroup driver in use (#20388)
  • Docker completion is now available on PowerShell (#19894)
  • dockerinit is no more (#19490,#19851)
  • Support for building Docker on arm64 was added (#19013)
  • Experimental support for building docker.exe in a native Windows Docker installation (#18348)


  • Fix panic if a node is forcibly removed from the cluster (#21671)
  • Fix "error creating vxlan interface" when starting a container in a Swarm cluster (#21671)
  • docker network inspect will now report all endpoints whether they have an active container or not (#21160)
  • Experimental support for the MacVlan and IPVlan network drivers have been added (#21122)
  • Output of docker network ls is now sorted by network name (#20383)
  • Fix a bug where Docker would allow a network to be created with the reserved default name (#19431)
  • docker network inspect returns whether a network is internal or not (#19357)
  • Control IPv6 via explicit option when creating a network (docker network create --ipv6). This shows up as a new EnableIPv6 field in docker network inspect (#17513)
  • Support for AAAA Records (aka IPv6 Service Discovery) in embedded DNS Server (#21396)
  • Fix to not forward docker domain IPv6 queries to external servers (#21396)
  • Multiple A/AAAA records from embedded DNS Server for DNS Round robin (#21019)
  • Fix endpoint count inconsistency after an ungraceful dameon restart (#21261)
  • Move the ownership of exposed ports and port-mapping options from Endpoint to Sandbox (#21019)
  • Fixed a bug which prevents docker reload when host is configured with ipv6.disable=1 (#21019)
  • Added inbuilt nil IPAM driver (#21019)
  • Fixed bug in iptables.Exists() logic #21019
  • Fixed a Veth interface leak when using overlay network (#21019)
  • Fixed a bug which prevents docker reload after a network delete during shutdown (#20214)
  • Make sure iptables chains are recreated on firewalld reload (#20419)
  • Allow to pass global datastore during config reload (#20419)
  • For anonymous containers use the alias name for IP to name mapping, ie:DNS PTR record (#21019)
  • Fix a panic when deleting an entry from /etc/hosts file (#21019)
  • Source the forwarded DNS queries from the container net namespace (#21019)
  • Fix to retain the network internal mode config for bridge networks on daemon reload (#21780)
  • Fix to retain IPAM driver option configs on daemon reload (#21914)


  • Fix a file descriptor leak that would occur every time plugins were enumerated (#20686)
  • Fix an issue where Authz plugin would corrupt the payload body when faced with a large amount of data (#20602)


  • Fix a panic that could occur when cleanup after a container started with invalid parameters (#21716)
  • Fix a race with event timers stopping early (#21692)
  • Fix race conditions in the layer store, potentially corrupting the map and crashing the process (#21677)
  • Un-deprecate auto-creation of host directories for mounts. This feature was marked deprecated in (#21666)
    Docker 1.9, but was decided to be too much of an backward-incompatible change, so it was decided to keep the feature.
  • It is now possible for containers to share the NET and IPC namespaces when userns is enabled (#21383)
  • docker inspect <image-id> will now expose the rootfs layers (#21370)
  • Docker Windows gained a minimal top implementation (#21354)
  • Docker learned to report the faulty exe when a container cannot be started due to its condition (#21345)
  • Docker with device mapper will now refuse to run if udev sync is not available (#21097)
  • Fix a bug where Docker would not validate the config file upon configuration reload (#21089)
  • Fix a hang that would happen on attach if initial start was to fail (#21048)
  • Fix an issue where registry service options in the daemon configuration file were not properly taken into account (#21045)
  • Fix a race between the exec and resize operations (#21022)
  • Fix an issue where nanoseconds were not correctly taken in account when filtering Docker events (#21013)
  • Fix the handling of Docker command when passed a 64 bytes id (#21002)
  • Docker will now return a 204 (i.e http.StatusNoContent) code when it successfully deleted a network (#20977)
  • Fix a bug where the daemon would wait indefinitely in case the process it was about to killed had already exited on its own (#20967
  • The devmapper driver learned the dm.min_free_space option. If the mapped device free space reaches the passed value, new device creation will be prohibited. (#20786)
  • Docker can now prevent processes in container to gain new privileges via the --security-opt=no-new-privileges flag (#20727)
  • Starting a container with the --device option will now correctly resolves symlinks (#20684)
  • Docker now relies on containerd and runc to spawn containers. (#20662)
  • Fix docker configuration reloading to only alter value present in the given config file (#20604)
  • Docker now allows setting a container hostname via the --hostname flag when --net=host (#20177)
  • Docker now allows executing privileged container while running with --userns-remap if both --privileged and the new --userns=host flag are specified (#20111)
  • Fix Docker not cleaning up correctly old containers upon restarting after a crash (#19679)
  • Docker will now error out if it doesn't recognize a configuration key within the config file (#19517)
  • Fix container loading, on daemon startup, when they depends on a plugin running within a container (#19500)
  • docker update learned how to change a container restart policy (#19116)
  • docker inspect now also returns a new State field containing the container state in a human readable way (i.e. one of created, restarting, running, paused, exited or dead)(#18966)
  • Docker learned to limit the number of active pids (i.e. processes) within the container via the pids-limit flags. NOTE: This requires CGROUP_PIDS=y to be in the kernel configuration. (#18697)
  • docker load now has a --quiet option to suppress the load output (#20078)
  • Fix a bug in neighbor discovery for IPv6 peers (#20842)
  • Fix a panic during cleanup if a container was started with invalid options (#21802)
  • Fix a situation where a container cannot be stopped if the terminal is closed (#21840)


  • Object with the pcp_pmcd_t selinux type were given management access to /var/lib/docker(/.*)? (#21370)
  • restart_syscall, copy_file_range, mlock2 joined the list of allowed calls in the default seccomp profile (#21117, #21262)
  • send, recv and x32 were added to the list of allowed syscalls and arch in the default seccomp profile (#19432)
  • Docker Content Trust now requests the server to perform snapshot signing (#21046)
  • Support for using YubiKeys for Content Trust signing has been moved out of experimental (#21591)


  • Output of docker volume ls is now sorted by volume name (#20389)
  • Local volumes can now accepts options similar to the unix mount tool (#20262)
  • Fix an issue where one letter directory name could not be used as source for volumes (#21106)
  • docker run -v now accepts a new flag nocopy. This tell the runtime not to copy the container path content into the volume (which is the default behavior) (#21223)


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