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@tiborvass tiborvass released this Jun 2, 2016 · 13549 commits to master since this release

1.11.2 (2016-05-31)


  • Fix a stale endpoint issue on overlay networks during ungraceful restart (#23015)
  • Fix an issue where the wrong port could be reported by docker inspect/ps/port (#22997)


  • Fix a potential panic when running docker build (#23032)
  • Fix interpretation of --user parameter (#22998)
  • Fix a bug preventing container statistics to be correctly reported (#22955)
  • Fix an issue preventing container to be restarted after daemon restart (#22947)
  • Fix issues when running 32 bit binaries on Ubuntu 16.04 (#22922)
  • Fix a possible deadlock on image deletion and container attach (#22918)
  • Fix an issue where containers fail to start after a daemon restart if they depend on a containerized cluster store (#22561)
  • Fix an issue causing docker ps to hang on CentOS when using devicemapper (#22168, #23067)
  • Fix a bug preventing to docker exec into a container when using devicemapper (#22168, #23067)


deb/rpm install: curl -fsSL | sh
Linux 64bit tgz:
Darwin/OSX 64bit client tgz:
Windows 64bit zip:
Windows 32bit client zip:

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