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1.12.1 (2016-08-18)

IMPORTANT: Docker 1.12 ships with an updated systemd unit file for rpm
based installs (which includes RHEL, Fedora, CentOS, and Oracle Linux 7). When
upgrading from an older version of docker, the upgrade process may not
automatically install the updated version of the unit file, or fail to start
the docker service if;

  • the systemd unit file (/usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service) contains local changes, or
  • a systemd drop-in file is present, and contains -H fd:// in the ExecStart directive

Starting the docker service will produce an error:

Failed to start docker.service: Unit docker.socket failed to load: No such file or directory.


no sockets found via socket activation: make sure the service was started by systemd.

To resolve this:

  • Backup the current version of the unit file, and replace the file with the
    version that ships with docker 1.12
  • Remove the Requires=docker.socket directive from the /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service file if present
  • Remove -H fd:// from the ExecStart directive (both in the main unit file, and in any drop-in files present).

After making those changes, run sudo systemctl daemon-reload, and sudo systemctl restart docker to reload changes and (re)start the docker daemon.


  • Add Joined at information in node inspect --pretty #25512
  • Fix a crash on service inspect #25454
  • Fix issue preventing service update --env-add to work as intended #25427
  • Fix issue preventing service update --publish-add to work as intended #25428
  • Remove service update --network-add and service update --network-rm flags
    because this feature is not yet implemented in 1.12, but was inadvertently added
    to the client in 1.12.0 #25646


  • Official ARM installation for Raspbian Jessie #24815 #25591
  • Add selinux policy per distro/version, fixing issue preventing successful installation on Fedora 24, and Oracle Linux #25334 #25593


  • Fix issue that prevented containers to be accessed by hostname with Docker overlay driver in Swarm Mode #25603 #25648
  • Fix random network issues on service with published port #25603
  • Fix unreliable inter-service communication after scaling down and up #25603
  • Fix issue where removing all tasks on a node and adding them back breaks connectivity with other services #25603
  • Fix issue where a task that fails to start results in a race, causing a network xxx not found error that masks the actual error #25550
  • Relax validation of SRV records for external services that use SRV records not formatted according to RFC 2782 #25739

Plugins (experimental)

  • Make daemon events listen for plugin lifecycle events #24760
  • Check for plugin state before enabling plugin #25033
  • Remove plugin root from filesystem on plugin rm #25187
  • Prevent deadlock when more than one plugin is installed #25384


  • Mask join tokens in daemon logs #25346
  • Fix docker ps --filter causing the results to no longer be sorted by creation time #25387
  • Fix various crashes #25053


  • Add /proc/timer_list to the masked paths list to prevent information leak from the host #25630
  • Allow systemd to run with only --cap-add SYS_ADMIN rather than having to also add --cap-add DAC_READ_SEARCH or disabling seccomp filtering #25567


  • Fix an issue where the swarm can get stuck electing a new leader after quorum is lost #25055
  • Fix unwanted rescheduling of containers after a leader failover #25017
  • Change swarm root CA key to P256 curve swarmkit#1376
  • Allow forced removal of a node from a swarm #25159
  • Fix connection leak when a node leaves a swarm swarmkit/#1277
  • Backdate swarm certificates by one hour to tolerate more clock skew swarmkit/#1243
  • Avoid high CPU use with many unschedulable tasks swarmkit/#1287
  • Fix issue with global tasks not starting up swarmkit/#1295
  • Garbage collect raft logs swarmkit/#1327


  • Persist local volume options after a daemon restart #25316
  • Fix an issue where the mount ID was not returned on volume unmount #25333
  • Fix an issue where a volume mount could inadvertently create a bind mount #25309
  • docker service create --mount type=bind,... now correctly validates if the source path exists, instead of creating it #25494



deb/rpm install: curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh
Linux 64bit tgz: https://get.docker.com/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.tgz
Darwin/OSX 64bit client tgz: https://get.docker.com/builds/Darwin/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.tgz
Windows 64bit zip: https://get.docker.com/builds/Windows/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.zip
Windows 32bit client zip: https://get.docker.com/builds/Windows/i386/docker-1.12.1.zip

With experimental features

deb/rpm install: curl -fsSL https://experimental.docker.com/ | sh
Linux 64bit tgz: https://experimental.docker.com/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.tgz
Darwin/OSX 64bit client tgz: https://experimental.docker.com/builds/Darwin/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.tgz
Windows 64bit zip: https://experimental.docker.com/builds/Windows/x86_64/docker-1.12.1.zip
Windows 32bit client zip: https://experimental.docker.com/builds/Windows/i386/docker-1.12.1.zip