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@tiborvass tiborvass released this Jan 18, 2017
· 14297 commits to master since this release
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1.13.0 (2017-01-18)

IMPORTANT: In Docker 1.13, the managed plugin api changed, as compared to the experimental
version introduced in Docker 1.12. You must uninstall plugins which you installed with Docker 1.12
before upgrading to Docker 1.13. You can uninstall plugins using the docker plugin rm command.

If you have already upgraded to Docker 1.13 without uninstalling
previously-installed plugins, you may see this message when the Docker daemon

Error starting daemon: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type types.PluginEnv

To manually remove all plugins and resolve this problem, take the following steps:

  1. Remove plugins.json from: /var/lib/docker/plugins/.
  2. Restart Docker. Verify that the Docker daemon starts with no errors.
  3. Reinstall your plugins.


  • Add capability to specify images used as a cache source on build. These images do not need to have local parent chain and can be pulled from other registries #26839
  • (experimental) Add option to squash image layers to the FROM image after successful builds #22641
  • Fix dockerfile parser with empty line after escape #24725
  • Add step number on docker build #24978
  • Add support for compressing build context during image build #25837
  • add --network to docker build #27702
  • Fix inconsistent behavior between --label flag on docker build and docker run #26027
  • Fix image layer inconsistencies when using the overlay storage driver #27209
  • Unused build-args are now allowed. A warning is presented instead of an error and failed build #27412
  • Fix builder cache issue on Windows #27805
  • Allow USER in builder on Windows #28415
  • Handle env case-insensitive on Windows #28725


  • Add support for building docker debs for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial on PPC64LE #23438
  • Add support for building docker debs for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial on s390x #26104
  • Add support for building docker debs for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak on PPC64LE #28046
  • Add RPM builder for VMWare Photon OS #24116
  • Add shell completions to tgz #27735
  • Update the install script to allow using the mirror in China #27005
  • Add DEB builder for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak #27993
  • Add RPM builder for Fedora 25 #28222
  • Add make deb support for aarch64 #27625


  • Update notary dependency to 0.4.2 (full changelogs here) #27074
    • Support for compilation on windows docker/notary#970
    • Improved error messages for client authentication errors docker/notary#972
    • Support for finding keys that are anywhere in the ~/.docker/trust/private directory, not just under ~/.docker/trust/private/root_keys or ~/.docker/trust/private/tuf_keys docker/notary#981
    • Previously, on any error updating, the client would fall back on the cache. Now we only do so if there is a network error or if the server is unavailable or missing the TUF data. Invalid TUF data will cause the update to fail - for example if there was an invalid root rotation. docker/notary#982
    • Improve root validation and yubikey debug logging docker/notary#858 docker/notary#891
    • Warn if certificates for root or delegations are near expiry docker/notary#802
    • Warn if role metadata is near expiry docker/notary#786
    • Fix passphrase retrieval attempt counting and terminal detection docker/notary#906
  • Avoid unnecessary blob uploads when different users push same layers to authenticated registry #26564
  • Allow external storage for registry credentials #26354


  • Standardize the default logging tag value in all logging drivers #22911
  • Improve performance and memory use when logging of long log lines #22982
  • Enable syslog driver for windows #25736
  • Add Logentries Driver #27471
  • Update of AWS log driver to support tags #27707
  • Unix socket support for fluentd #26088
  • Enable fluentd logging driver on Windows #28189
  • Sanitize docker labels when used as journald field names #23725
  • Fix an issue where docker logs --tail returned less lines than expected #28203
  • Splunk Logging Driver: performance and reliability improvements #26207
  • Splunk Logging Driver: configurable formats and skip for verifying connection #25786


  • Add --attachable network support to enable docker run to work in swarm-mode overlay network #25962
  • Add support for host port PublishMode in services using the --publish option in docker service create #27917 and #28943
  • Add support for Windows server 2016 overlay network driver (requires upcoming ws2016 update) #28182
  • Change the default FORWARD policy to DROP #28257
  • Add support for specifying static IP addresses for predefined network on windows #22208
  • Fix --publish flag on docker run not working with IPv6 addresses #27860
  • Fix inspect network show gateway with mask #25564
  • Fix an issue where multiple addresses in a bridge may cause --fixed-cidr to not have the correct addresses #26659
  • Add creation timestamp to docker network inspect #26130
  • Show peer nodes in docker network inspect for swarm overlay networks #28078
  • Enable ping for service VIP address #28019


  • Move plugins out of experimental #28226
  • Add --force on docker plugin remove #25096
  • Add support for dynamically reloading authorization plugins #22770
  • Add description in docker plugin ls #25556
  • Add -f/--format to docker plugin inspect #25990
  • Add docker plugin create command #28164
  • Send request's TLS peer certificates to authorization plugins #27383
  • Support for global-scoped network and ipam plugins in swarm-mode #27287
  • Split docker plugin install into two API call /privileges and /pull #28963

Remote API (v1.25) & Client

  • Support docker stack deploy from a Compose file #27998
  • (experimental) Implement checkpoint and restore #22049
  • Add --format flag to docker info #23808
  • Remove --name from docker volume create #23830
  • Add docker stack ls #23886
  • Add a new is-task ps filter #24411
  • Add --env-file flag to docker service create #24844
  • Add --format on docker stats #24987
  • Make docker node ps default to self in swarm node #25214
  • Add --group in docker service create #25317
  • Add --no-trunc to service/node/stack ps output #25337
  • Add Logs to ContainerAttachOptions so go clients can request to retrieve container logs as part of the attach process #26718
  • Allow client to talk to an older server #27745
  • Inform user client-side that a container removal is in progress #26074
  • Add Isolation to the /info endpoint #26255
  • Add userns to the /info endpoint #27840
  • Do not allow more than one mode be requested at once in the services endpoint #26643
  • Add capability to /containers/create API to specify mounts in a more granular and safer way #22373
  • Add --format flag to network ls and volume ls #23475
  • Allow the top-level docker inspect command to inspect any kind of resource #23614
  • Allow unsetting the --entrypoint in docker run or docker create #23718
  • Restructure CLI commands by adding docker image and docker container commands for more consistency #26025
  • Remove COMMAND column from service ls output #28029
  • Add --format to docker events #26268
  • Allow specifying multiple nodes on docker node ps #26299
  • Restrict fractional digits to 2 decimals in docker images output #26303
  • Add --dns-option to docker run #28186
  • Add Image ID to container commit event #28128
  • Add external binaries version to docker info #27955
  • Add information for Manager Addresses in the output of docker info #28042
  • Add a new reference filter for docker images #27872


  • Add --experimental daemon flag to enable experimental features, instead of shipping them in a separate build #27223
  • Add a --shutdown-timeout daemon flag to specify the default timeout (in seconds) to stop containers gracefully before daemon exit #23036
  • Add --stop-timeout to specify the timeout value (in seconds) for individual containers to stop #22566
  • Add a new daemon flag --userland-proxy-path to allow configuring the userland proxy instead of using the hardcoded docker-proxy from $PATH #26882
  • Add boolean flag --init on dockerd and on docker run to use tini a zombie-reaping init process as PID 1 #26061 #28037
  • Add a new daemon flag --init-path to allow configuring the path to the docker-init binary #26941
  • Add support for live reloading insecure registry in configuration #22337
  • Add support for storage-opt size on Windows daemons #23391
  • Improve reliability of docker run --rm by moving it from the client to the daemon #20848
  • Add support for --cpu-rt-period and --cpu-rt-runtime flags, allowing containers to run real-time threads when CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED is enabled in the kernel #23430
  • Allow parallel stop, pause, unpause #24761 / #26778
  • Implement XFS quota for overlay2 #24771
  • Fix partial/full filter issue in service tasks --filter #24850
  • Allow engine to run inside a user namespace #25672
  • Fix a race condition between device deferred removal and resume device, when using the devicemapper graphdriver #23497
  • Add docker stats support in Windows #25737
  • Allow using --pid=host and --net=host when --userns=host #25771
  • (experimental) Add metrics (Prometheus) output for basic container, image, and daemon operations #25820
  • Fix issue in docker stats with NetworkDisabled=true #25905
  • Add docker top support in Windows #25891
  • Record pid of exec'd process #27470
  • Add support for looking up user/groups via getent #27599
  • Add new docker system command with df and prune subcommands for system resource management, as well as docker {container,image,volume,network} prune subcommands #26108 #27525 / #27525
  • Fix an issue where containers could not be stopped or killed by setting xfs max_retries to 0 upon ENOSPC with devicemapper #26212
  • Fix docker cp failing to copy to a container's volume dir on CentOS with devicemapper #28047
  • Promote overlay(2) graphdriver #27932
  • Add --seccomp-profile daemon flag to specify a path to a seccomp profile that overrides the default #26276
  • Fix ulimits in docker inspect when --default-ulimit is set on daemon #26405
  • Add workaround for overlay issues during build in older kernels #28138
  • Add TERM environment variable on docker exec -t #26461
  • Honor a container’s --stop-signal setting upon docker kill #26464

Swarm Mode

  • Add secret management #27794
  • Add support for templating service options (hostname, mounts, and environment variables) #28025
  • Display the endpoint mode in the output of docker service inspect --pretty #26906
  • Make docker service ps output more bearable by shortening service IDs in task names #28088
  • Make docker node ps default to the current node #25214
  • Add --dns, --dns-opt, and --dns-search to service create. #27567
  • Add --force to docker service update #27596
  • Add -q to docker service ps #27654
  • Display number of global services in docker service ls #27710
  • Remove --name flag from docker service update. This flag is only functional on docker service create, so was removed from the update command #26988
  • Fix worker nodes failing to recover because of transient networking issues #26646
  • Add support for health aware load balancing and DNS records #27279
  • Add --hostname to docker service create #27857
  • Add --host to docker service create, and --host-add, --host-rm to docker service update #28031
  • Add --tty flag to docker service create/update #28076
  • Autodetect, store, and expose node IP address as seen by the manager #27910
  • Encryption at rest of manager keys and raft data #27967
  • Add --update-max-failure-ratio, --update-monitor and --rollback flags to docker service update #26421
  • Fix an issue with address autodiscovery on docker swarm init running inside a container #26457
  • (experimental) Add docker service logs command to view logs for a service #28089
  • Pin images by digest for docker service create and update #28173
  • Add short (-f) flag for docker node rm --force and docker swarm leave --force #28196
  • Add options to customize Raft snapshots (--max-snapshots, --snapshot-interval) #27997
  • Don't repull image if pinned by digest #28265
  • Swarm-mode support for Windows #27838
  • Allow hostname to be updated on service #28771
  • Support v2 plugins #29433
  • Add content trust for services #29469


  • Add support for labels on volumes #21270
  • Add support for filtering volumes by label #25628
  • Add a --force flag in docker volume rm to forcefully purge the data of the volume that has already been deleted #23436
  • Enhance docker volume inspect to show all options used when creating the volume #26671
  • Add support for local NFS volumes to resolve hostnames #27329


  • Fix selinux labeling of volumes shared in a container #23024
  • Prohibit /sys/firmware/** from being accessed with apparmor #26618


  • Marked the docker daemon command as deprecated. The daemon is moved to a separate binary (dockerd), and should be used instead #26834
  • Deprecate unversioned API endpoints #28208
  • Remove Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) as supported platform. Ubuntu 15.10 is EOL, and no longer receives updates #27042
  • Remove Fedora 22 as supported platform. Fedora 22 is EOL, and no longer receives updates #27432
  • Remove Fedora 23 as supported platform. Fedora 23 is EOL, and no longer receives updates #29455
  • Deprecate the repo:shortid syntax on docker pull #27207
  • Deprecate backing filesystem without d_type for overlay and overlay2 storage drivers #27433
  • Deprecate MAINTAINER in Dockerfile #25466
  • Deprecate filter param for endpoint /images/json #27872
  • Deprecate setting duplicate engine labels #24533
  • Deprecate "top-level" network information in NetworkSettings #28437


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