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@vieux vieux released this
· 52 commits to 1.13.x since this release
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1.13.1 (2017-02-08)

IMPORTANT: On Linux distributions where devicemapper was the default storage driver,
the overlay2, or overlay is now used by default (if the kernel supports it).
To use devicemapper, you can manually configure the storage driver to use through
the --storage-driver daemon option, or by setting "storage-driver" in the daemon.json
configuration file.

IMPORTANT: In Docker 1.13, the managed plugin api changed, as compared to the experimental
version introduced in Docker 1.12. You must uninstall plugins which you installed with Docker 1.12
before upgrading to Docker 1.13. You can uninstall plugins using the docker plugin rm command.

If you have already upgraded to Docker 1.13 without uninstalling
previously-installed plugins, you may see this message when the Docker daemon

Error starting daemon: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type types.PluginEnv

To manually remove all plugins and resolve this problem, take the following steps:

  1. Remove plugins.json from: /var/lib/docker/plugins/.
  2. Restart Docker. Verify that the Docker daemon starts with no errors.
  3. Reinstall your plugins.


  • Do not require a custom build of tini #28454
  • Upgrade to Go 1.7.5 #30489

Remote API (v1.26) & Client

  • Support secrets in docker stack deploy with compose file #30144


  • Fix size issue in docker system df #30378
  • Fix error on docker inspect when Swarm certificates were expired. #29246
  • Fix deadlock on v1 plugin with activate error #30408
  • Fix SELinux regression #30649


  • Support global scoped network plugins (v2) in swarm mode #30332
  • Add docker plugin upgrade #29414


  • Fix small regression with old plugins in Windows #30150
  • Fix warning on Windows #30730


deb/rpm install: curl -fsSL | sh
Linux 64bits tgz:
Darwin/OSX 64bits client tgz:
Linux 32bits arm tgz:
Windows 64bits zip:
Windows 32bits client zip: