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  • docker stats now returns block IO metrics (#15005)
  • docker stats now details network stats per interface (#15786)
  • Add ancestor=<image> filter to docker ps --filter flag to filter containers based on their ancestor images (#14570)
  • Add label=<somelabel> filter to docker ps --filter to filter containers based on label (#16530)
  • Add --kernel-memory flag to docker run (#14006)
  • Add --message flag to docker import allowing to specify an optional message (#15711)
  • Add --privileged flag to docker exec (#14113)
  • Add --stop-signal flag to docker run allowing to replace the container process stopping signal (#15307)
  • Add a new unless-stopped restart policy (#15348)
  • Inspecting an image now returns tags (#13185)
  • Add container size information to docker inspect (#15796)
  • Add RepoTags and RepoDigests field to /images/{name:.*}/json (#17275)
  • Remove the deprecated /container/ps endpoint from the API (#15972)
  • Send and document correct HTTP codes for /exec/<name>/start (#16250)
  • Share shm and mqueue between containers sharing IPC namespace (#15862)
  • Event stream now shows OOM status when --oom-kill-disable is set (#16235)
  • Ensure special network files (/etc/hosts etc.) are read-only if bind-mounted with ro option (#14965)
  • Improve rmi performance (#16890)
  • Do not update /etc/hosts for the default bridge network, except for links (#17325)
  • Fix conflict with duplicate container names (#17389)
  • Fix an issue with incorrect template execution in docker inspect (#17284)
  • DEPRECATE -c short flag variant for --cpu-shares in docker run (#16271)


  • Allow docker import to import from local files (#11907)


  • Add a STOPSIGNAL Dockerfile instruction allowing to set a different stop-signal for the container process (#15307)
  • Add an ARG Dockerfile instruction and a --build-arg flag to docker build that allows to add build-time environment variables (#15182)
  • Improve cache miss performance (#16890)


  • devicemapper: Implement deferred deletion capability (#16381)


  • docker network exits experimental and is part of standard release (#16645)
  • New network top-level concept, with associated subcommands and API (#16645)
  • Support for multiple isolated/micro-segmented networks (#16645)
  • Built-in multihost networking using VXLAN based overlay driver (#14071)
  • Support for third-party network plugins (#13424)
  • Ability to dynamically connect containers to multiple networks (#16645)
  • Support for user-defined IP address management via pluggable IPAM drivers (#16910)
  • Add daemon flags --cluster-store and --cluster-advertise for built-in nodes discovery (#16229)
  • Add --cluster-store-opt for setting up TLS settings (#16644)
  • Add --dns-opt to the daemon (#16031)
  • DEPRECATE following container NetworkSettings fields in API v1.21: EndpointID, Gateway,
    GlobalIPv6Address, GlobalIPv6PrefixLen, IPAddress, IPPrefixLen, IPv6Gateway and MacAddress.
    Those are now specific to the bridge network. Use NetworkSettings.Networks to inspect
    the networking settings of a container per network.


  • New top-level volume subcommand and API (#14242)
  • Move API volume driver settings to host-specific config (#15798)
  • Print an error message if volume name is not unique (#16009)
  • Ensure volumes created from Dockerfiles always use the local volume driver (#15507)
  • DEPRECATE auto-creating missing host paths for bind mounts (#16349)


  • Add awslogs logging driver for Amazon CloudWatch (#15495)
  • Add generic tag log option to allow customizing container/image information passed to driver (e.g. show container names) (#15384)
  • Implement the docker logs endpoint for the journald driver (#13707)
  • DEPRECATE driver-specific log tags (e.g. syslog-tag, etc.) (#15384)


  • docker search now works with partial names (#16509)
  • Push optimization: avoid buffering to file (#15493)
  • The daemon will display progress for images that were already being pulled by another client (#15489)
  • Only permissions required for the current action being performed are requested (#)
  • Renaming trust keys (and respective environment variables) from offline to root and tagging to repository (#16894)


  • Add SELinux profiles to the rpm package (#15832)
  • Fix various issues with AppArmor profiles provided in the deb package
  • Add AppArmor policy that prevents writing to /proc (#15571)


Ubuntu/Debian: curl -sSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh
Linux 64bit binary: https://get.docker.com/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-1.9.0
Darwin/OSX 64bit client binary: https://get.docker.com/builds/Darwin/x86_64/docker-1.9.0
Darwin/OSX 32bit client binary: https://get.docker.com/builds/Darwin/i386/docker-1.9.0
Linux 64bit tgz: https://get.docker.com/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-1.9.0.tgz
Windows 64bit client binary: https://get.docker.com/builds/Windows/x86_64/docker-1.9.0.exe
Windows 32bit client binary: https://get.docker.com/builds/Windows/i386/docker-1.9.0.exe