@tiborvass tiborvass released this Jun 28, 2017 · 6553 commits to master since this release

17.03.2-ce (2017-06-27)


  • Fix a concurrency issue preventing network creation #33273


  • Relabel secrets path to avoid a Permission Denied on selinux enabled systems #33236 (ref #32529
  • Fix cases where local volume were not properly relabeled if needed #33236 (ref #29428)
  • Fix an issue while upgrading if a plugin rootfs was still mounted #33236 (ref #32525)
  • Fix an issue where volume wouldn't default to the rprivate propagation mode #33236 (ref #32851)
  • Fix a panic that could occur when a volume driver could not be retrieved #33236 (ref #32347)
  • Add a warning in docker info when the overlay or overlay2 graphdriver is used on a filesystem without d_type support #33236 (ref #31290)
  • Fix an issue with backporting mount spec to older volumes #33207
  • Fix issue where a failed unmount can lead to data loss on local volume remove #33120

Swarm Mode

  • Fix a case where tasks could get killed unexpectedly #33118
  • Fix an issue preventing to deploy services if the registry cannot be reached despite the needed images being locally present #33117


Docker CE 17.03.2 is available from the Docker Store