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thaJeztah Merge pull request #39000 from mrueg/openrc-set
openrc: Modernize and sync settings
Latest commit 0ac8cbf Apr 5, 2019
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apparmor apparmor: fix version checks to work properly Feb 15, 2016
desktop-integration MAINTAINER deprecation follow up. Relates to #25466 Apr 18, 2017
gitdm Update gitdm domain-map Apr 10, 2017
init openrc: Modernize and sync settings Apr 2, 2019
nnp-test Add support for NoNewPrivileges in docker Mar 7, 2016
syntax Update Github url for vim syntax plugin Aug 4, 2018
syscall-test Revert "Block obsolete socket families in the default seccomp profile" May 9, 2017
udev Add udev rules files for hiding the docker loopback devices from udisks Dec 2, 2013
vagrant-docker Merge pull request #29697 from yuexiao-wang/fix-docker-daemon Jan 4, 2017
REVIEWERS Remove subdirectories MAINTAINERS files Mar 7, 2015 Remove 'docker-' prefix for containerd and runc binaries Sep 24, 2018 rootless: expose ports automatically Mar 20, 2019 Fix working in non-en locale Jul 2, 2015 Convert script shebangs from "#!/bin/bash" to "#!/usr/bin/env bash" Feb 13, 2017 Fix error handling when go command is missing Nov 5, 2018
editorconfig added editorconfig Oct 21, 2016 Add a script to install a bundle into Docker for Mac Oct 5, 2016 Removed the "-i -t" arguments from the smoke test calling printf (the… Jul 5, 2018
mkimage-archarm-pacman.conf Fixed arm arch image maker to support arm versions other than 7 Jul 11, 2016 mkimage: use /var/tmp by default instead of /tmp Jun 27, 2014 add script to make base image for PLD Linux May 31, 2016 Default to Core group only if no groups specified Mar 29, 2019 Remove solaris build tag and `contrib/mkimage/solaris Nov 2, 2017 Convert script shebangs from "#!/bin/bash" to "#!/usr/bin/env bash" Feb 13, 2017

The contrib directory contains scripts, images, and other helpful things which are not part of the core docker distribution. Please note that they could be out of date, since they do not receive the same attention as the rest of the repository.

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