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Engine Project Planning

The Docker follows a time-based release process, currently aiming at releasing a new major version every two months. We issue a code freeze several weeks before the scheduled release date during which nothing but bugfixes can be added to the release.

Even though the process is time-based, the Docker Engine sets short-term goals for the upcoming release(s). However, time will always win over features: the code freeze will happen regardless of our goals being met.


Docker Engine roadmap items are filed on the issue tracker with the roadmap label. They are open to community participation: join us on the usual communication channels to contribute!

Milestone Target date Release captain Goals
Docker 17.05.0-ce 04/10/2017 (code freeze) @vieux
Docker 17.04.0-ce 04/03/2017 @vieux
Docker 17.03.0-ce 02/23/2017 @vieux
Docker 1.13.0 01/18/2017 @vieux
Docker 1.12.0 07/28/2016 @vieux
Docker 1.11.0 04/12/2016 @mlaventure Engine 1.11.0
Docker 1.10.0 02/04/2016 @thaJeztah Engine 1.10.0
Docker 1.9.0 10/29/2015 @tiborvass Engine 1.9.0
Docker 1.8.0 08/11/2015 @calavera Engine 1.8.0
Docker 1.7.0 06/18/2015 @vieux Engine 1.7.0
Docker 1.6.0 04/16/2015 @jfrazelle
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