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Public docker images

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Public docker images

You can find a more complete list of images at

Searching the index

You can use docker search to search for images from the command line.

docker search debian
Found 6 results matching your query ("debian")
NAME                               DESCRIPTION
wdtz/debian-6.0-x86                Debian 6.0 (x86), based on OpenVZ template...
findspire/wheezy                   Template image of Debian Wheezy.

Followed by docker pull to get an image.

docker pull tianon/debian

Official images

All images from the Ubuntu repository

(try this if you get a 404 error for an individual Ubuntu image)

docker pull ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal base image

docker pull ubuntu:12.10

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise base image

docker pull ubuntu:12.04

openSUSE Linux base image

docker pull opensuse:latest

and tags

docker pull opensuse:13.1

Centos 6.4 base image

Thanks to @backjlack

docker pull centos

Busybox base image

docker pull busybox

Unofficial images

Gentoo base image

docker pull tianon/gentoo:latest

Note that this image is somewhat limited, being that it is simply a faithful copy of the stage3 tarball (see also #313). Including a copy of the portage tree would increase the image size by an appreciable amount, and would become stale quickly.

Arch Linux base image

docker pull base/arch

openSUSE Linux base image

docker pull flavio/openSUSE_12.3

Debian base images

Standard images

Wheezy (stable)
docker pull tianon/debian:wheezy


docker pull tianon/debian:7.1
Jessie (testing)
docker pull tianon/debian:jessie
Sid (unstable)
docker pull tianon/debian:sid

Rolling release images

docker pull tianon/debian-roll:stable


docker pull tianon/debian-roll:7.1
docker pull tianon/debian-roll:testing
docker pull tianon/debian-roll:unstable


See @johncosta 's awesome blog post.

docker run johncosta/redis

Apache CouchDB

Couchdb is "an open source database that focuses on ease of use and on being a database that completely embraces the web".

docker run -d -p 5984 shykes/couchdb /bin/sh -e /usr/bin/couchdb -a /etc/couchdb/default.ini -a /etc/couchdb/local.ini -b -r 5 -p /var/run/couchdb/ -o /dev/null -e /dev/null -R

Container source available at


docker run -p 5432 jpetazzo/pgsql /init YourSecretPassword

This will provision a PostgreSQL container, and create a root user with password YourSecretPassword.

Container source available at


docker run -p :6379 -p :80 samalba/hipache supervisord -n

This will launch a supervisord in foreground which spawns an Hipache daemon (using the dev config, but easy to change) + redis-server.

The redis-server is spawned inside the same container on purpose. Current Hipache's architecture does not share a Redis among several machines, but among several Hipache's workers in the same machine.

Container source is available in the Hipache's repos:


docker run -d -p 5900 creack/firefox-vnc x11vnc -forever -usepw -create

This will launch a VNC server and when a client connects to it, it starts Firefox. The default password is 1234

Container source available at


See this article.

docker run -p 11211 jbarbier/memcached memcached -u daemon

ZNC irc bouncer

docker run -p 6667 -u irc shykes/znc zncrun

Source code available at


Build and upload binary releases of docker

docker run shykes/dockerbuilder dockerbuilder REVISION S3_ID S3_KEY

Python app builder

Build a python web app. Source code is at

BUILD_JOB=$(docker run -d shykes/pybuilder buildapp
docker wait $BUILD_JOB
BUILD_IMAGE=$(docker commit $BUILD_JOB)
docker run -p 5000 $BUILD_IMAGE runapp

NodeJS + OpenCV

A ready-to-use build of the OpenCV library including NodeJS 0.8 bindings.

docker run shykes/node-opencv node -e 'console.log(require("opencv").version)'


IRC bot, with two flavors of real-time web interface: Full-screen and embedded widget.

# Instant IRC bot + Web UI
docker run -e 'LOGBOT_NICK=bot_name_here' \
           -e 'LOGBOT_CHANNELS=#docker,' \
           -e '' \

EtherCalc (with Redis + Node.js + WebWorker-Threads)

A collaborative spreadsheet editor. This is the same docker image powers our public site at

# Runs at port 6967 (default)
docker run audreyt/ethercalc

# Runs at another port, for example 8080
docker run -p 8080:6967 audreyt/ethercalc

Discourse (with Redis + Postgresql + Sidekiq + Nginx)

A modern forum engine. Instructions to run the five containers at


Open-Source github clone.

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