Maya Python code for cleaning up mocap data - requires peelSolve install.
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These tools can be used to clean up motion capture data in Autodesk Maya.

Requires PeelSolve to run, which can be downloaded from here:

The demo version of peelsolve has everything needed (c3d importer, custom locators, etc) - the "pro" version has more solver features which are not used for data cleanup.


Some Documentation (work in progress).


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


  1. Download or clone the git repo
  2. Edit your maya.env to add the icons and python scripts.



    The PYTHONPATH must be the directory that contains the mocapCleanup directory, not the .py files

  3. Start maya.
  4. Run this python:

    import mocapCleanup

  5. Running the last command above will map the following keys:

    Setting Home alt to Set Current 1
    Setting Home to Move to current 1
    Setting End alt to Set Current 2
    Setting End to Move to current 2
    Setting Page_Up alt to Set Current 3
    Setting Page_Up to Move to current 3
    Setting Page_Down alt to Set Current 4
    Setting Page_Down to Move to current 4
    Setting 8 to Extract Selected
    Setting 9 to One To Two