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Based on the OAuth 2.0 spec, we need to implement "Authorization" hea…

…der. Facebook seems to be ignoring this, but still must have.
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1 parent 03f3692 commit 3c127cc77f2a1715cfbbe7806ada32da5471ebf1 hidetomo committed Apr 16, 2012
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@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ exports.OAuth2.prototype._request= function(method, url, headers, post_body, acc
if( access_token ) {
if( ! parsedUrl.query ) parsedUrl.query= {};
parsedUrl.query[this._accessTokenName]= access_token;
+ realHeaders['Authorization']="OAuth2 " + access_token;
var result= "";

2 comments on commit 3c127cc

I'll just need to check the examples still work before merging this, but looks good to me :) Thank you.

Hmm, I'm struggling to see this in the latest specification, I think the relevant area is here: but I can't see a token type of 'OAuth2' specified ? :(

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