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MoceanAPI Client Library for Go

This is the Go library for use Mocean's API. To use this, you'll need a Mocean account. Sign up for free at


To install the client

go get ""


Create a client with your API key and secret

import ""

mocean := moceansdk.NewMoceanClient("apiKey", "apiSecret")

Available API

mocean.Message().Send()             //Send SMS
mocean.Message().GetMessageStatus() //Get Message Status
mocean.Account().GetBalance()       //Get Account Balance
mocean.Account().GetPricing()       //Get Account Pricing
mocean.Verify().SendCode()          //Send Verify Code
mocean.Verify().VerifyCode()        //Check Verify Code
mocean.NumberLookup().Inquiry()     //Number Lookup
mocean.Voice().Call()               //Voice Call


To use Mocean's SMS API to send an SMS message, call the mocean.Message.Send() method.

The API can be called directly, using a simple array of parameters, the keys match the parameters of the API.

res, err := mocean.Message().Send(url.Values{
    "mocean-to": {"60123456789"},
    "mocean-from": {"MOCEAN"},
    "mocean-text": {"Hello World"}

if err != nil {
} else {
    fmt.Printf("res: %v", res)


For your convenient, the API response has been parsed to specific struct

fmt.Printf("res: %v", res)        // show full response string
fmt.Printf("res: %v", res.Status) // show response status, "0" in this case


Kindly visit MoceanApi Docs for more usage


This library is released under the MIT License