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Contributing to Mocha

Please read these guidelines before submitting an issue, filing a feature request, or contributing code.

❓ Got a Question?

If you have a question about using Mocha, please use the mailing list, StackOverflow, or ask the friendly people in our chat room.

🐛 I Found a Bug

Sorry! It happens to the best of us. If you've found a bug in Mocha, please search to see if it's already been reported. Otherwise, create a new issue. If you can fix the bug yourself, feel free to create a pull request thereafter.

Please include as much detail as possible to help us reproduce and diagnose the bug. Most importantly:

  • Let us know how you're running Mocha (options, flags, environment, browser or Node.js, etc.)
  • Include your test code or file(s). If large, please provide a link to a repository or gist.
  • Please show code in JavaScript only (any version)

If we need more information from you, we'll let you know. If you don't within a reasonable time frame (TBD), your issue will be automatically closed for inactivity.

❗️ Propose a Change

Before you get your hands dirty, please search for a related issue, or create a new one. If you wish to contribute a new feature, this is doubly important! Let's discuss your proposed changes first; we don't want you to waste time implementing a change that is at odds with the project's direction. That said, we'll happily consider any contribution, no matter how great or small.

This paragraph would contain information about Mocha's roadmap, but it doesn't yet exist. 💩

It's also important to understand some overarching goals of Mocha, detailed below.

⚽️ About Project Goals

Mocha is a test framework. Developers use it against anything from legacy spaghetti in IE7 to stage-0 TC39 features in Electron. While still staying current, Mocha will only drop support for old platforms as a last resort. If and only if Mocha cannot move forward as a project, support will be dropped. If workarounds exist, they are preferred.

Mocha adheres strictly to semantic versioning. We are extremely cautious with changes that have the potential to break; given the size of Mocha's user base, it's highly unlikely a breaking change will slide by.

Mocha's usage far outweighs its resources. If a proposed feature would incur a maintenance penalty, it could be a hard sell.

We ask you please keep these goals in mind when making or proposing changes.

👞 Contributing Code: Step-by-Step

Follow these steps to get going. If you are having trouble, don't be afraid to ask for help.

  1. Install Node.js 4.x or newer.
  2. Install GNU Make or equivalent.
  3. Follow Github's documentation on setting up Git, forking and cloning.
  4. Create a new branch in your working copy. Give your branch a descriptive name, such as issue/12345: git checkout -b issue/12345.
  5. Execute npm install to install the development dependencies.
  6. Make your changes and add them via git add.
    • Do not modify the root mocha.js file directly; it is automatically generated.
    • Your changes will likely be somewhere in lib/, bin/ or browser-entry.js if your changes are browser-specific.
    • Please add unit and/or integration tests (depending on the nature of your changes).
    • Keep your PR focused. Don't fix two things at once, or make formatting changes alongside bug fixes.
  7. Before committing, run npm test.
    • This will run unit tests, Node.js and browser integration tests, and lint the source code.
    • The "browser" tests use Mocha to test itself; it will rebuild the root mocha.js file with your changes.
    • Please avoid committing changes to mocha.js.
    • Ultimately, your pull request will be built on our continuous integration servers (Travis CI and AppVeyor). The first step to ensuring these checks pass is to test on your own machine.
  8. Commit your changes.
    • Use a brief message on the first line, referencing a relevant issue (e.g. #12345).
    • Add detail in subsequent lines.
  9. Push your changes to your fork.
  10. Navigate to the source repository. You should see a notification about your recent changes in your fork's branch, with a button to create a pull request. Click it.
  11. Describe your changes in detail here. Once you're satisfied, submit the form.
    • PRO TIP: If you've used a multi-line commit message, Github will pre-fill the PR's description with it.
  12. If you have not signed our Contributor License Agreement, a friendly robot will prompt you to do so. A CLA (electronic) signature is required for all contributions of code to Mocha.
  13. CI will run against your changes.
    • If the changes fail the checks, you will need to address those before merging.
    • You don't need to make a new PR to make changes. Instead, commit on top of your changes, and push these to your fork's branch. The PR will be updated, and CI will re-run.
    • Github will indicate if there's a conflict. If this happens, you will need to rebase your branch onto the master branch of the source repository. Don't merge.
    • It's no longer necessary to "squash" your changes.
  14. Be patient while your PR is reviewed. This can take awhile (why?). We may request changes; don't be afraid to question them.

👼 I Just Want To Help

Excellent. Here's how:

  • Handy with JavaScript? Please check out the issues labeled pr-please.
  • Can you write good (and do other stuff good too)? Help with the documentation. See the issues for our site.
  • Design your thing? Our site needs your magic touch.
  • Know Mocha's codebase? We could use your help triaging issues and/or reviewing pull requests. Please contact an org member, and we'll chat.
  • Want to build our community? Mocha has a lot of users. We could use your help bringing everyone together in peace and harmony. Please contact an org member.
  • You can sell dirt to worms? Let's raise Mocha's profile in the JavaScript and OSS communities. Please contact an org member!
  • Wait--you write unit tests for fun? A PR which increases coverage is unlikely to be turned down.
  • Are you experienced? If you're a seasoned Mocha user, why not help answer some questions in the chat room?