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Show number of pending tests #340

joewhite opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In the summary at the end of a successful test run, Mocha tells me how many tests there were. If some of those tests were pending tests (i.e., no callback passed to it()), there's nothing to distinguish between passing tests and tests that I haven't finished writing yet. If I sketched out a bunch of pending tests and haven't filled them all in yet, it would be easy for me to forget about them (especially since the light blue dot in the default runner is hard to distinguish from the gray dots, at least on Windows).

It would be helpful if the end-of-test-run summary mentioned how many pending tests there were. Maybe something like "6 tests complete (2 ignored) (57ms)", or maybe a separate line showing the number of ignored/pending tests.


I sent this pull request for it: #370


This issue can be closed with pull request 370.

@tj tj closed this
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