Multiple 'it' statements inside of for loops are tied to each other #420

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When I have some code in a for loop where each statement executes properly, looping over the 'it' statements seems to work fine.

  var field, writableFields, _i, _len;

  writableFields = 'email phone'.split(/\s+/);

  for (_i = 0, _len = writableFields.length; _i < _len; _i++) {
    field = writableFields[_i];
    it("can write to " + field, function(done) {
      var fakeEntry, methodName;
      methodName = "set" + field;;
      fakeEntry = "fake " + field;
      return[methodName](fakeEntry, function() {
        return Client.findOne({}, function(error, client) {
          return done();

However if the 'it' statement fails for one of the loops it appears to fail for all of them. For example changing

writableFields = 'email phone'.split(/\s+/)


writableFields = 'email phone flake'.split(/\s+/)

All three mocha tests fail
1) ClientGroup can write to email:
actual expected

2) ClientGroup can write to phone:
actual expected

3) ClientGroup can write to tel:
actual expected

Whats going on?

tj commented May 10, 2012

js plzz




Classic problem of all three closures seeing the last value of the loop variable. Do something like:

(function(field) {

it(..., function(done) { ... });


...or if you're using CoffeeScript, use do.

tj commented May 11, 2012

what he said :D


Haha, oops!

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thanks for helping me out with my newb error!

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