mocha -w indefinitely creates new lines on Windows #629

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When I run mocha -w on my Windows machine (Win7 Home Premium x64, node v0.8.14), the "Watching" spinner that appears on 'nix systems just keeps adding more lines to the terminal:

Endless Loading

tj commented Oct 29, 2012

damn, windows doesn't like carriage returns i take it? we may have to use one of the ansi escape sequences instead

jcollum commented Feb 14, 2013

Hey can you pull this in? I just updated a project with npm update and lost my patch to fix this.

@tj tj closed this Feb 19, 2013
valtido commented Aug 4, 2014

I think, this bug has crept up again for me :( (at least) on windows.

Anyone else getting this?

valtido commented Aug 4, 2014

I narrowed it down, that the prob is with coffeescript. I am runing,

#CLI command
npm test

scripts :{
  "test": "npm build && mocha --watch",

#mocha.opts (file)
--require should
--reporter list
--ui bdd
--require coffee-script/register                 ##OFFENDERS
--compilers coffee:coffee-script/register  ##OFFENDERS
--reporter list
--recursive ./test
--require test/

@valtido May want to file a bug in coffee-script...

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