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@boneskull boneskull released this Oct 3, 2017 · 1101 commits to master since this release

4.0.0 / 2017-10-02

You might want to read this before filing a new bug! 😝

💥 Breaking Changes

For more info, please read this article.


  • #3016: Drop support for unmaintained versions of Node.js (@boneskull):
    • 0.10.x
    • 0.11.x
    • 0.12.x
    • iojs (any)
    • 5.x.x
  • #2979: Drop support for non-ES5-compliant browsers (@boneskull):
    • IE7
    • IE8
    • PhantomJS 1.x
  • #2615: Drop Bower support; old versions (3.x, etc.) will remain available (@ScottFreeCode, @boneskull)

Default Behavior

  • #2879: By default, Mocha will no longer force the process to exit once all tests complete. This means any test code (or code under test) which would normally prevent node from exiting will do so when run in Mocha. Supply the --exit flag to revert to pre-v4.0.0 behavior (@ScottFreeCode, @boneskull)

Reporter Output

👎 Deprecations

  • #2493: The --compilers command-line option is now soft-deprecated and will emit a warning on STDERR. Read this for more info and workarounds (@ScottFreeCode, @boneskull)

🎉 Enhancements

  • #2628: Allow override of default test suite name in XUnit reporter (@ngeor)

📖 Documentation

🔩 Other

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