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@juergba juergba released this
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7.0.0 / 2020-01-05

💥 Breaking Changes

  • #3885: Drop Node.js v6.x support (@mojosoeun)
  • #3890: Remove Node.js debug-related flags --debug/--debug-brk and deprecate debug argument (@juergba)
  • #3962: Changes to command-line options (@ParkSB):
    • --list-interfaces replaces --interfaces
    • --list-reporters replaces --reporters
  • Hook pattern of this.skip() (@juergba):
    • #3859: When conditionally skipping in a it test, related afterEach hooks are now executed
    • #3741: When conditionally skipping in a beforeEach hook, subsequent inner beforeEach hooks are now skipped and related afterEach hooks are executed
    • #4136: Disallow this.skip() within after hooks
  • #3967: Remove deprecated getOptions() and lib/cli/options.js (@juergba)
  • #4083: Uncaught exception in pending test: don't swallow, but retrospectively fail the test for correct exit code (@juergba)
  • #4004: Align Mocha constructor's option names with command-line options (@juergba)

🎉 Enhancements

  • #3980: Refactor and improve --watch mode with chokidar (@geigerzaehler):
    • adds command-line options --watch-files and --watch-ignore
    • removes --watch-extensions
  • #3979: Type "rs\n" to restart tests (@broofa)

📠 Deprecations

These are soft-deprecated, and will emit a warning upon use. Support will be removed in (likely) the next major version of Mocha:

  • #3968: Deprecate legacy configuration via mocha.opts (@juergba)

🐛 Fixes

🔍 Coverage

📖 Documentation

🔩 Other