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@juergba juergba released this Jan 12, 2020

7.0.0-esm1 / 2020-01-12

This is an experimental release based on v7.0.0: npm i mocha@7.0.0-esm1

🎉 Enhancements

#4038: Add Node.js native ESM support (@giltayar)

Enables Mocha to load ECMAScript Modules test files, also valid for --file option.


  • Node.js only v12.11.0 and above
  • Node.js below v13.2.0, you must set --experimental-modules option
  • ESM not (yet) supported for:
    • --watch mode
    • --require option
    • --reporter custom reporters
    • --ui custom interfaces
    • mocharc configuration file
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