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boneskull use yargs for option parsing and support config files
- `-d` is no longer an alias for `--debug`
- `--grep` and `--fgrep` are now mutually exclusive
- The option formerly known as `--compilers` is now removed from Mocha
- `lib/template.html` moved to `lib/browser/template.html`
- An error is thrown if a path to `mocha.opts` is specified by the user and the file was not found

- `-gc` users should use `--gc-global`

- Public API method `getOptions()` in `bin/options.js` is deprecated and currently has no alternative
- Users of the `enableTimeouts` option of the `Mocha` constructor should use `timeout` instead.  Specify `false` for no timeout
- Users of the `useColors` option of the `Mocha` constructor should use `color` instead

- Mocha now supports JS, JSON, YAML, or `package.json`-based config.
- Any/all configuration, including `mocha.opts` can be used in addition to command-line arguments, and everything will be merged as applicable
- Node/V8 flag support:
  - Support of all available `node` flags on a *per-version* basis
  - Support of any V8 flag by prepending `--v8-` to the option
  - These are supported within `mocha.opts` or config files
- More flexible command-line parsing including negation of any boolean flag by prepending `--no-` to the name
- Better `--help`
- Descriptions of interfaces in `--help` text
- A useful `Mocha` constructor
- Debug-related flags (e.g., `--inspect`) now *imply* `--no-timeouts`

- Many bug fixes around CLI option handling, e.g., closes #3475
- Fixes #3363, #2576, #3570
- `--no-timeouts` works

- Added new, updated, or rewrote documentation for all non-self-explanatory options
- Updated usage text, TOC
- Added section on configuration
- Added example configuration files in `example/config/`

- Updated many dev deps, mostly within existing semver ranges
- Removed `commander`
- Added production deps:
  - ansi-colors - color terminal output
  - findup-sync - find package.json and other config files
  - js-yaml - parse YAML
  - log-symbols - visual symbols for success/fail etc.
  - node-environment-flags - per-version allowed Node.js env flags
  - object.assign - for IE11
  - strip-json-comments - allow comments in JSON config files
  - wide-align - terminal formatting
  - yargs - option parser
  - yargs-parser - for compatible, lightweight parsing of config files
  - yargs-unparser - for passing config to `bin/_mocha` from `bin/mocha`
Latest commit b5c0fb0 Nov 30, 2018

Mocha Configuration Examples

In this directory, you'll find example Mocha configurations for Node.js.

As of this writing, these examples are intended to illustrate the available options; they are not intended to serve as boilerplates.

Read more about configuration here.