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Growl Notifications

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Official package installation instructions are available here. Here's what we use to test Mocha itself.


On OS X 10.8+, Notification Center is supported via terminal-notifier.

$ sudo gem install terminal-notifier
$ npm install growl


Install "notify-send" through the libnotify-bin APT package. If you use RPM packages, substitute appropriately.

$ sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin
$ npm install growl


Download and install Growl for Windows which contains growlnotify (win). Assuming defaults were taken, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Growl for Windows" will be the installation directory.

Adjust your PATH environment variable to add the Growl installation directory. Once that's done, turn Growl on and send yourself a test notification.

C:> growl start
C:> growlnotify "it works!"

Finally, install the npm package needed to allow Mocha to send you notifications.

C:> npm install growl


Growl notifications are enabled by passing the -G or --growl command line option when running Mocha.

$ mocha --recursive --growl 'test'

When the root suite completes test execution, a desktop notification should appear informing you whether your tests passed or not.

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