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Assertion Libraries

  • should.js - BDD style shown throughout these docs
  • chai - expect(), assert() and should style assertions
  • expect.js - expect() style assertions

Mocks, Stubs, & Spies

  • sinon.js - Test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript.

Interfaces & Reporters

  • mocha-cakes - BDD acceptance tests, Cucumber Given/When/Then stories add-on for Mocha.
  • lcov-reporter -- lcov reporter
  • JSCovReporter In browser Javascript coverage reporter using CoverJS instrumented code.
  • qunit-mocha-ui - A Mocha interface that more closely replicates the QUnit API, including QUnit's assertions.
  • xunit-file - A Mocha reporter similar to xunit, but writes to a file (excludes all console.log output that breaks the xml).
  • WebConsole-reporter - A Mocha reporter that displays reports in browser console. Works faster than html reporter and provides clickable stack traces

Headless testing

Test coverage


Mocha Examples

Express | Connect

SuperAgent | | Mocha

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