@jquintozamora jquintozamora if we want to use this over more than one it, we should restore the output variable as well Jan 16, 2017 aa4ac07
@rwhogg rwhogg Should.js was moved to its own repo Jan 14, 2017 0bbc6aa
@adamgruber adamgruber Added link to mochawesome reporter Jan 10, 2017 b2c8bce
@TheHyphen TheHyphen typo -> emits which to which emits Dec 1, 2016 ac1ec6d
@mrchess mrchess Added back spies page. Not sure why this was removed. Nov 10, 2016 b291b95
@shidengyun shidengyun 100 Nov 3, 2016 b9d9e34
@131 131 Add mocha-plugin-co Oct 9, 2016 e470974
@jhenaoz jhenaoz Require to call the Base reporter to work, otherwise and error happend in test executions Sep 9, 2016 21373f6
@Andifeind Andifeind Add inspect.js to assertion libraries Sep 4, 2016 d5b86d6
@gurdiga gurdiga Thanks to @moglars for this improvement idea. https://github.com/mochajs/mocha/issues/2422#issuecomment-238050995 Aug 7, 2016 286a460
@maikeru maikeru Link to lib/reporters in the repo so it's easy to see at a glance Jul 21, 2016 c22558a
@dkuida dkuida Destroyed Spies (markdown) Jul 4, 2016 b3dfc91
@MadLittleMods MadLittleMods Updated Using mocha programmatically (markdown) Jun 2, 2016 2c11721
@PanayotCankov PanayotCankov Updated Home (markdown) May 10, 2016 aa65f7a
@PanayotCankov PanayotCankov Updated Home (markdown) May 10, 2016 5ae1868
@Kreees Kreees Updated Home (markdown) Feb 26, 2016 4f2c32d
@Klortho Klortho Per [this comment](https://github.com/mochajs/mocha/issues/1605#issuecomment-82023261) Feb 7, 2016 5cf19f7
@thefourtheye thefourtheye exit with the code otherwise even if the tests fail, it will report as pass Feb 3, 2016 143d582
@strburst strburst Remove misplaced comma Jan 6, 2016 4d51219
@danielstjules danielstjules Updated Home (markdown) Oct 30, 2015 4f0f60d
@mikemaccana mikemaccana Show tha the 'test' dir should be used (rather than the dir containing the test dir). Remove redundant copy of variable. Make comments explain why, not what. Sep 29, 2015 d0cedbe
@nikolas nikolas Add missing parentheses when invoked `new EventEmitter()` Aug 26, 2015 3812173
@danielstjules danielstjules Added mocha.parallel Aug 24, 2015 dc4d191
@ArtskydJ ArtskydJ Updated Detecting global leaks (markdown) Jul 22, 2015 f0f91cd
@stevemao stevemao Created Mess with globals (markdown) Jun 30, 2015 28910ae
@dok dok Add parenthesis to mocha instantiation line Jun 19, 2015 283e020
@sunesimonsen sunesimonsen Updated Home (markdown) Jun 11, 2015 cd57852
@stevemao stevemao Updated Home (markdown) Jun 5, 2015 41fc6c0
@joeax joeax Added unit.js assertion library Apr 10, 2015 289d79b
@paulpflug paulpflug Added report-viewer to Interfaces & Reporters Mar 28, 2015 5cc92e4