Bug fix: getElementPosition() didn't work with Coordinates objects where either x or y were 0 #10

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Passing a Coordinates object to getElementPosition() where either x or y is zero causes caused both x and yin the return value to be zero, like this:

var pos = getElementPosition({x: 0, y: 100}):
// pos is now {x: 0, y: 0}, should be {x: 0, y: 100}

This also has the side effect that passing such a Coordinates object as the relativeTo parameter does not work:

var otherPos = new Coordinates(0, 50);
var relative = getElementPosition({x: 100, y: 100}, otherPos);
// relative is now {x: 100, y: 100}, should be {x: 100, y: 50}

The underlying problem is the following check in Style.js, which obviously fails if either x or y is zero:

if (!elem.parentNode && elem.x && elem.y) {
    /* it's just a MochiKit.Style.Coordinates object */

This patch adds unit tests to expose these issues and adjusts the check above to fix the problem.

@cederberg cederberg merged commit 181677b into mochi:master May 16, 2011

Thanks! Great to see proper tests to accompany the code fix.

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