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%% @author Bob Ippolito <>
%% @copyright 2007 Mochi Media, Inc.
%% @doc Utilities for dealing with IO devices (open files).
-export([iodevice_stream/3, iodevice_stream/2]).
-export([iodevice_foldl/4, iodevice_foldl/3]).
-define(READ_SIZE, 8192).
iodevice_foldl(F, Acc, IoDevice) ->
iodevice_foldl(F, Acc, IoDevice, ?READ_SIZE).
iodevice_foldl(F, Acc, IoDevice, BufferSize) ->
case file:read(IoDevice, BufferSize) of
eof ->
{ok, Data} ->
iodevice_foldl(F, F(Data, Acc), IoDevice, BufferSize)
iodevice_stream(Callback, IoDevice) ->
iodevice_stream(Callback, IoDevice, ?READ_SIZE).
iodevice_stream(Callback, IoDevice, BufferSize) ->
F = fun (Data, ok) -> Callback(Data) end,
ok = iodevice_foldl(F, ok, IoDevice, BufferSize).
iodevice_size(IoDevice) ->
{ok, Size} = file:position(IoDevice, eof),
{ok, 0} = file:position(IoDevice, bof),
%% Tests
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