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fix mochiweb_request regression #97

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1 parent 22b770e commit 5a1b5890101b442db08d4d7eee213e6e43ae47d6 @etrepum etrepum committed Jan 26, 2013
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@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
Version 2.4.1 released XXXX-XX-XX
+* Fixed issue in mochiweb_request introduced in v2.4.0
* Fixed issue in mochifmt_records introduced in v2.4.0
@@ -306,7 +306,9 @@ respond({Code, ResponseHeaders, {file, IoDevice}},
'HEAD' ->
_ ->
- mochiweb_io:iodevice_stream(fun send/2, IoDevice)
+ mochiweb_io:iodevice_stream(
+ fun (Body) -> send(Body, THIS) end,
+ IoDevice)
respond({Code, ResponseHeaders, chunked}, {?MODULE, [_Socket, Method, _RawPath, Version, _Headers]}=THIS) ->

2 comments on commit 5a1b589

I have been trying to run mochiweb template app for the last couple hours and I could not make it run. Than It magically started to work. So I wasn't doing anything wrong after all.


etrepum replied Jan 26, 2013

Sorry about that, some regressions were introduced a few days ago in the name of R16 compatibility. Most or all of the kinks should be worked out by now, please report any issues if you run into anything else.

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