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Cookie crash on DST changes #73

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Hey. There's a possibility of a crash happening in the cookie code when the time is set on a DST change:

It got reported initially in cowboy whose cookie support is a direct port of mochiweb's written by @bfrog - issue here with more details: ninenines/cowboy#157

I didn't test it specifically in mochiweb, so you might already have taken measures to prevent it in which case please disregard this report.

Pinging related people @ferd @klaar to notice them about me opening this issue here.

Mochi Media, Inc. member

thanks for the report, I guess we never came across this issue at Mochi because we avoid DST.


We have pushed a fix, which you can probably copy-paste for mochiweb: ninenines/cowboy@3376b72

If the comment isn't enough @klaar can explain it in greater details. Enjoy!

@emad emad added a commit that referenced this issue
@emad emad fix dst cookie bug reported in issue #73 af9fa1b
@emad emad closed this
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