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Wrong arity for mochiweb_io:iodevice_stream callback #97

nikidimi opened this Issue · 0 comments

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nikidimi Bob Ippolito

CRASH REPORT Process with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: fun called with wrong arity of 1 instead of 2 in mochiweb_io:'-iodevice_stream/3-fun-0-'/3 line 29

This is caused because Callback is called with arity of 1 here:
iodevice_stream(Callback, IoDevice, BufferSize) ->
F = fun (Data, ok) -> Callback(Data) end,

However, line 309 in mochiweb_request.erl uses send with arity of 2:
mochiweb_io:iodevice_stream(fun send/2, IoDevice)

Bob Ippolito etrepum closed this
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