modified Makefile to symlink PROJECT/deps/mochiweb/ to downloaded git repo of mochiweb #122

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app rule in Makefile now links deps/mochiweb/ to the local copy of mochiweb so that a new copy of mochiweb is not downloaded when the project is built

@GoWind GoWind modified Makefile so that make app symlinks to the local copy of moch…
…iweb instead of downloading

a new copy from the web into deps/
Mochi Media, Inc. member

Makefile~ shouldn't be checked in here

I decided not to implement it this way because you don't really want updates made in one place propagating to other places silently.

If the goal here is to save time, then I would consider having it clone the local git repository directly to deps/mochiweb and then reset the origin in the cloned git repo so that updates would work as expected.


Can you please explain what you mean by updates in once place propagating silently to other places ?

Mochi Media, Inc. member

I mean if you use a symlink, then you may have several projects depending on exactly the same files.

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