Add encoder option to turn off default encoding of atoms into unicode strings #55

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The option encode_atoms was added to #encoder{} in mochijson2. Setting this option to false will cause json_encode to fail when encountering an atom other than true, false, null. This will allow custom encoders to handle them.

Added this because I wanted to encode 'undefined' as <<"null">> using a custom encoder, but the default encoding would process them before the custom encoder was invoked.

onkel-dirtus added some commits Aug 11, 2011
@onkel-dirtus onkel-dirtus add encode_atoms option
Provide option to turn off default behavior of encoding atoms to
@onkel-dirtus onkel-dirtus break out json_encode for atoms into its own function head 1d855b6
etrepum commented Oct 6, 2011

I think it would be better to have an option that encodes undefined to <<"null">> instead of having to set this option and provide the encoder to do it.

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