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You must read and agree to the LICENSE prior to running the code.

This repository is home to the Mochimo Cryptocurrency Engine code (main-net).
It includes a fully functional cryptocurrency network node and a text-based developer's wallet. The full node, and developer's wallet, will compile without issue on most 64-bit Linux-based machines with the GNU Makefile provided under the "src" directory. However, please note that the developer's wallet is provided for development use only. It is recommended to use Mojo as your main wallet software.

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Recommended ~ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  • (OS) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • (CPU) Dual-core Processor
  • (RAM) 2GB of Random Access Memory
  • (SSD) 64GB of Solid State Drive Storage
  • (NETWORK) Port 2095 incoming TCP/IPv4 access


Quick Setup/Update (relay-node)

The quick setup/update script can be used to quickly provision or update a Mochimo Server on a Ubuntu Machine. To use, simply run:

sudo apt-get install -y curl # if not already installed
curl -L | sudo bash -

... or to install a specific branch, run:

curl -L | sudo branch -s -- <branch>

Other Guides and Information

NOTE: mining guides for v2.4.2 and above, are on the Community Wiki


The license to use versions of the code prior to v2.0 expired on December 31st, 2018. Use of the old code is strictly prohibited.
The current version of the code is released under an MPL2.0 derivative Open Source license.
The community is free to develop and change the code with the caveat that any changes must be for the benefit of the Mochimo cryptocurrency network (with a number of exclusions).
Please read the LICENSE for more details on limitations and restrictions.

The Mochimo Package (main-net) is copyright 2022 Adequate Systems, LLC.
Please read the license file in the package for additional restrictions.



Discord is our most active social forum where you can discuss Mochimo with the rest of the developer and beta testing community.

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